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Hothead Games' Child-Punting Game Kickin Momma Comes to iOS

Indie developer Hothead Games today announced the launch of Kickin Momma, a hilarious kick-em up puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Whilst walking down the street one day, Kickin Momma eyes and desires a new gem-encrusted necklace in a jewelers' store.


PDF Reader Pro Featured in Apps for Business on Apple

This app is not currently available in the App Store. PDF Reader Pro, the leading mobile office application developed by YUYAO Software, has been featured in iPhone Apps for Business on Apple's website.


Buy Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos on the App Store

Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos

As evidenced by the number of views of many viral videos, checking out user-created videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime of millions of people. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in browsing YouTube videos, there are apps for that.


Buy Trivia: Knowledge Trainer on the App Store

Knowledge Trainer is Your Personal Quiz Show

Knowledge Trainer is like challenging yourself to a round of Jeopardy. The app quizzes you on various topics with the goal of improving your knowledge base. Knowledge Trainer's subject matter covers a diverse group, such as history, film, science, sports, social science, arts and letters, and geography.

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Buy Sleep Pillow Sounds: white noise machine app on the App Store

Cure Insomnia with iPhone and Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow Ambiance: a white noise relaxation & sleep machine is a self-explanatory app that features a variety of sounds designed to promote relaxation and sleep. Sleep Pillow has a very simple design and interface with a few features that enhance its practicality and usability, including a sleep timer and “favorites” function.


Buy SkyGrid on the App Store

Browse Trending News with SkyGrid

SkyGrid joins a growing field of news aggregators that compile articles from across the web. SkyGrid seeks to separate itself from the pack by compiling news into relevant topics. For example, the “What’s Hot” section lists trending news and articles from multiple sources.

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Buy Word Absurd - Word Search Puzzle Book on the App Store

Word Absurd is an Uncommonly Good Word Search

Word searches are all the more fun when you're searching for the bizarre words rather than the mundane. Word Absurd by developer new-comer Trephination Proved Worthless LLC is a collection of word searches where the hidden words are slightly more unique than the standard fare.

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HelloTXT Seeks to Streamline Social Media Posting

HelloTXT Seeks to Streamline Social Media Posting

HelloTXT is designed to update your myriad of social networks from within one application. It is a great concept, but a bit buggy in its current form.


Buy Mr Giggle 2 on the App Store

Mr. Giggle Offers Tetris-Like Play for Puzzle Lovers on iPhone and iPad

Mr. Giggle (editor's note: now replaced by Mr. Giggle 2) is a very fun and addictive game that plays well on the iPhone but is even better with the extra screen real estate on the iPad. Unlike its predecessor, Mr.

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Interview with Laurie Ann Sims, President of Wizzard Media

Recently, Wizzard Media, a podcasting network, acquired exclusive distribution rights to six iPhone apps: John Kooistra’s Blue Attack and Blue Defense!, Phase 2 Media’s OmNomNom, Sudoku Classic and Sudoku Unlimited, and Markus Strobe’s Touch Scan.


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