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Buy Real Boxing™ on the App Store

Real Boxing Delivers a Knockout Punch on the App Store

Independent Game Developer Vivid Games is proud to announce the launch of Real Boxing, their highly anticipated new game exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Real Boxing is an ultra-realistic boxing game featuring lifelike graphics powered by the Unreal Engine as well as extensive motion capture from professional boxers.


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Brandnew Boy Update: Female Playable Characters, Infinity Mode and More

Brandnew Boy, Oozoo's Unreal Engine powered iOS action anime-themed martial arts game has just unveiled an exciting new update in the iTunes App Store. Much more involved than a few bug fixes, this new update is packed with the features players have most requested, and overflowing with extras.


Brandnew Boy: Brawler + RPG Action = Winning Combo

Brandnew Boy: Brawler + RPG Action = Winning Combo

Brandnew Boy is one of the reasons I continue to look through thousands of apps constantly to try and uncover the best. Not all apps have a huge marketing campaign surrounding their launch and some, like this one, tend to burn up the charts based on pure merit.

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