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Idea Organizer Grabs Text, Voice and Visuals for Easy Notes

Idea Organizer is a handy little app for catching your brilliant ideas in the most convenient way. In my experience "notes apps" or thought-catcher apps like Idea Organizer fall into two categories: too many features or too few.

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Four Voice Recording Apps that Fill In for Apple's Voice Memos

Four Voice Recording Apps that Fill In for Apple's Voice Memos

Voice Memos — Apple's iPhone development people probably figured adding voice memo recording in a native app in OS 3.0 would make the iPhone seem more corporate. That's only a guess, but if I'm right, I suspect Voice Memos won't be a big hit around the water cooler.

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TapNext Puts Presentations in your Hand

TapNext joins the crowd of presentation apps by giving you a remote control for PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote or OpenOffice.org Impress. TapNext is nothing to shout about in terms of design, but this iPhone app gets the job done.

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Buy VoiceCalc on the App Store

VoiceCalc Says What it Means

Talking calculators, like what you get with  VoiceCalc, aren’t new—I remember owning one in the mid-80s—but this is the first voice calculator app that I’ve looked at for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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Buy Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) on the App Store

JMDictate – Professional Dictation is a Good Listener for Frequent Audio Recording

JMDictate-Professional Dictation, from JOTOMI, is an industrial-strength app for people who are constantly recording notes, memos and other bright ideas and then need to store or share them by email or file transfer.

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Buy QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) on the App Store

QuickVoice PRO Recorder Has a Bonus

nFinity is using QuickVoice, a voice recorder for Macs and PCs,  as a lure to nab buyers for its new  iPhone version called QuickVoice PRO Recorder. QuickVoice is usually $15.00 but it’s free with when you buy the $0.99 app.

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Buy Voxie Pro Recorder on the App Store

Voxie Pro Recorder Rolls Up Everything Into One

I've looked at a number of voice recorder apps, and they're all similar, which isn't surprising, given their primary purpose. What's different about Voxie Pro Recorder & Dictation, Bottle Rocket's app is that it has all the features of the others rolled into one with I think a few extras mashed in.


Buy Recorder Pro on the App Store

iDicto Voice Recorder Has Great Features but Needs Refinement

At last count, the App Store featured something like 60 apps with voice recording capabilities. DAVA Consulting's iDicto happens to be among one of the better ones I've tried for simple voice-note-taking.

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Jott Your Notes with Your Voice Instead of a Keyboard

The first time you use Jott, a voice recorder from Jott Networks, you get the feeling that you've just seen something that's crazy, in a good way. There's not much to the voice recorders in the App Store.


Buy iTalk Recorder on the App Store

iTalk, It Listens, Voice Recorder from Griffin Technology

iTalk Recorder, according to Griffin Technology, the developer, is "WAY more than a voice recorder." That's partly true. Unfortunately, the "way more" part is still not enough to put it on par with many of the other voice recording apps in the App Store.

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Interview with Matt Griffith of Mobile App Center

AppCraver recently spoke with Matt Griffith from Mobile App Center, the developing team behind Tranquil Alarm. He answered our questions about developing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Recorder 4 - Now with Email Support

There are a lot of apps that allow you to do simple voice recordings in the App Store, ranging in price from free (EverNote -- includes this capability)on up. However, perhaps because of its generic name, "Recorder" from Retronyms, is the leader in the space, with a ranking of 15 of all paid apps on the App Store (iLounge has a good roundup of other apps in the recorder space).


Talking Pics

Talking Pics is an app from Stone Design BigStonePhone, a one three-man shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico run by Andrew Stone, a 40ish Mac software veteran. You can read a little bit more about Andrew and his chickens, and eco-lifestyle here.


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