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Talking Santa Has Come to Town in the Form of an Interactive WeeMee Avatar

Talking Santa Has Come to Town in the Form of an Interactive WeeMee Avatar

With just a few days left in the big countdown, Santa has already come to town and paid a visit to the App Store in the form of a WeeMee. Talking Santa by WeeWorld, makers of the WeeMee Avatar Creator, is an app that combines a Santa avatar with different animations, backgrounds, and playback voice selection.


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Send Voice Tweets with TweetMic

TweetMic - If the same old method of typing your tweets through your favorite desktop or iPhone app is becoming mundane, then TweetMic may be the way to liven things up. TweetMic lets you record a voice message for all of your Twitter followers to hear.

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Speak Your Mind and Your Mail with Voice4Mail

Voice4Mail - Speak Your Mail by Helixys is currently listed in the top 25 free apps under “productivity” in the App Store and we decided to find out if Voice4Mail is worthy of its ranking.


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JMDictate – Professional Dictation is a Good Listener for Frequent Audio Recording

JMDictate-Professional Dictation, from JOTOMI, is an industrial-strength app for people who are constantly recording notes, memos and other bright ideas and then need to store or share them by email or file transfer.

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QuickVoice PRO Recorder Has a Bonus

nFinity is using QuickVoice, a voice recorder for Macs and PCs,  as a lure to nab buyers for its new  iPhone version called QuickVoice PRO Recorder. QuickVoice is usually $15.00 but it’s free with when you buy the $0.99 app.

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Silly Songz Puts Audio File Greetings at Your Fingertip

Silly Songz is a new app for the iPhone that allows users to select and send an original pre-recorded song as an electronic greeting that can also be customized with a 15-second recorded message of your own.

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PhotoTalk: Add Audio Clips to iPhone Photos

Since iPhone owners are still without a video-shooting mode, Metacreature Apps is trying to help ease the pain with PhotoTalk, an application which allows users to add up to 30 seconds of audio to their photos.


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iDicto Voice Recorder Has Great Features but Needs Refinement

At last count, the App Store featured something like 60 apps with voice recording capabilities. DAVA Consulting's iDicto happens to be among one of the better ones I've tried for simple voice-note-taking.

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iTalk, It Listens, Voice Recorder from Griffin Technology

iTalk Recorder, according to Griffin Technology, the developer, is "WAY more than a voice recorder." That's partly true. Unfortunately, the "way more" part is still not enough to put it on par with many of the other voice recording apps in the App Store.

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