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Buy iCall - Small Business VoIP on the App Store

iCall Free VOIP coming soon

iCall, a Greenwich CT based startup started by Arlo Gilbert is busy working on another competitor to Fring, mentioned Friday. What is interesting about iCall is the ability, shown in the above video, to intercept incoming cell calls and patch them through to a VOIP network.


Buy fring on the App Store

Fring Could be the Ultimate Killer App.

Fring, the integrated IM client, launched today for the iPhone. Before getting into Fring specifics, pay attention to what happens at 46seconds on the above video. What is mentioned (an I have confirmed) is that if you hold down the sleep (top) button of Fring for a second and then release, the phone will power off, but you still will receive alert messages when pinged by a Fring IM client (such as AIM or Skype).

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Fring to Launch VOIP iPhone App

Fring, the Skype meets Trillian all-in-one Instant Messenger, VOIP social app is coming to the iPhone. According to the fring forum, the following showed up on their web site yesterday: "fring is now available on the iPhone App Store making it easy for anyone to use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.


10 Things Apple Needs To Do To Fix The iPhone

The iPhone 2.0 is only 70 days old, and over 12 million units have been sold. The AppStore is a huge success. iPhone firmware 2.1 fixes many of the bugs. But there a lot more things that need fixing.


TruPhone is cheap, but not anywhere near free

TruPhone is cheap, but not anywhere near free

Truphone at first sounds too good to be true -- VOIP on your iPhone. So, is it like SkypeOut, which is very close to free? Well, not exactly. When you download the app, you are given a free $4 to apply towards any calls, international or domestic.


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