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Buy intelli-Diet App | Weight Loss App on the App Store

Intelli-Diet Weight Loss App for Healthy Meal Planning

If, like many people, your New Year’s resolution was to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, then you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of iPhone apps designed to help you lose weight.

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All-In Pedometer a Great Fitness Aide

All-In Pedometer is a fairly comprehensive exercise app that is a great companion for keeping track of workout statistics. The pedometer functions really well and gives a pretty accurate readout when it is placed in a pocket.

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Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It! is one of the first user-friendly calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, and it is free. The Lose It app from FitNow utilizes the Mifflin equation to determine what your daily calorie intake should be.

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MyNetDiary: Portrait of a Profitable 3 Person App Startup

One of the things that interests us the most at AppCraver is understanding what it takes to build a successful startup in the new App Store ecosystem. One such startup is New Jersey based 4technologies, makers of "MyNetDiary", a $9 a month weight loss app that we covered in the MyNetDiary post.


MyNetDiary is a Great Calorie Counter - but costs 9 dollars a month!

The "health and fitness" area of the AppStore is filled with extremely bad calorie counter apps (such as "Absolute Fitness" — which should be totally avoided). With the self-proclaimed tagline "Serious Weight Loss Comes to the iPhone", MyNetDiary promises more and delivers.


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