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Buy Wine4.Me – Ranking Wines for YOU, personally - Free Version on the App Store

Wine4.Me Offers Casual Wine Drinkers Easy Way to Find New Favorites

Finding a wine that you like can be frustrating and not to mention expensive if you’re just starting to explore what you do and don’t like. Enter Wine4.Me, an app that recently launched to help casual wine drinkers not only save themselves from experiencing wine they don’t like, but also speed less on finding their favorites since the app only recommends wines they’ll most likely enjoy.


Buy Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes on the App Store

CulinartMedia launches Not Your Mothers Slow Cooker Recipes iPad app

Harvard Common Press partners with CulinartMedia to launch an app version of the bestselling cookbook, "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook." Over 100 delicious recipes, each selected by authors Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann to bring the exciting flavors of today's kitchen to consumers who want a cooking experience that delivers both great results and the functions, convenience and fun of a culinary app.

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Buy Tour the Finger Lakes on the App Store

Tour the Finger Lakes with CulinartMedias new iPhone/iPad travel app

CulinartMedia, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Tour the Finger Lakes 1.0, its new travel app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. "Tour the Finger Lakes" features local author and leading expert on the region's food and wine scene, Michael Turback.

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Hello Vino Uses Image Recognition and Social Recommendations to Make Wine Shopping Easy

A feature-rich smartphone app is the perfect vehicle to deliver a personal and well-informed wine shopping experience. — Jim McNamee, Co-Founder of Hello Vino Hello Vino has released a new smartphone app to help shoppers with the overwhelming wine selection at retail.


Cheese & Wine - Expert Pairings Made Easy

Cheese & Wine - Expert Pairings Made Easy

cheese & wine for iPhone With holiday parties on the horizon it’s always nice to know there are a few iPhone apps on your side. One that might come in handy at the market is Cheese & Wine – by Max Allen and Will Studd.

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ShopKeep App Turns iPad into a Fully Functional Cash Register is proud to announce their ShopKeep Register App for iPad is now available on the App Store. ShopKeep Register brings full point of sale functionality to iPad, including wirelessly popping the cash drawer as well as printing receipts.

category: Wine Info App is an Essential Wine Guide Wine Info App is an Essential Wine Guide

For some reason it took my palette quite a long time to appreciate wine. A friend suggested I start with the sweeter whites and work my way up. I never looked back and soon discovered that my favorite is Pinot Noir.


Buy Cocktails HD on the App Store

Cocktails HD: Perfect For Fancy People Who Put Booze in a Glass

I’m just going to do this review in full-on geezer mode. (For a female perspective on Cocktails HD, see our previous review of the iPhone version, Pocket Cocktails.) Here’s how you make a martini.

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Buy tvtag – formerly GetGlue on the App Store

GetGlue is Social Networking for Media Addicts

When I first came across GetGlue I thought, "Just what I need, another social network." The last thing I wanted to do was open another social networking app from my iPhone and check in, "like" things and earn rewards.

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Buy Pig Rush on the App Store

Pig Rush is Better than Bacon

Sometimes I just want a unblemished, side-scrolling platform. Something that is fun to play, without all the bells, whistles or learning curve. Pig Rush is just that game. Pig Rush has just one goal. Keeping going.

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Buy Hello Vino - Wine Assistant on the App Store

Hello Vino Associates Wine with Food

Hello Vino, from Drive Thru Interactive, aims to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: What wine makes a good match for a pizza with pineapple and ham? Answer: Any wine that will kill the taste of pineapple (Ba-doom!).

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Interview with Open Cellar developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ

French developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ, says he’s always been passionate about wine, which led him to develop a desktop app for wine enthusiasts called Open Cellar on Desktop a few years ago.


Buy Bento on the App Store

Bento Organizes Your Life From Desktop to iPhone

Bento is one of the most popular personal organizers for the Mac. Now a new iPhone version is available that syncs with the  popular desktop organizer-on-steroids so you can take all your essential information with you.

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Buy Open Cellar, The Ultimate Wine Cellar Solution on the App Store

Open Cellar Could be Your Personal Sommelier, but Only if You Read French

Open Cellar – You decide to pick up a nice Cabernet on your way home for that special meal your significant other is preparing to celebrate your anniversary. What kind of red wine do you choose?


Buy DrinkTracker Breathalyzer on the App Store

Drink Safely With DrinkTracker Breathalyzer

DrinkTracker Breathalyzer - This might sound like a lecture, but for goodness sake, don’t drink and drive. But it’s not that easy, is it?  If alcohol affects your judgment, how do you safely know if you are OK to drive when you have been drinking? 

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