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iPhone Developer Spotlight: Yohan Le Nerriec of Orb Networks

Yohan Le Nerriec, Chief Architect at Orb Networks, Inc., has been developing since the early days of the iPhone before the App Store and before the SDK. Here he answers AppCraver's questions about developing iPhone and iPod touch apps.


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Wine Enthusiast Guide for Wine Neophytes

If you like to drink wine, which I bet you do, you will appreciate the Wine Enthusiast Guide app from MobileAge. With over 68,000 wine reviews and at least another 1000 added monthly, theoretically there is a good chance that you will find a description and rating for the wine you desire.


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Get Lost in Anonymous Conversations on a Distant Shore

Getting lost in anonymous conversations or just expressing random thoughts is the premise behind the entertainment app Distant Shore. Brought to us courtesy of The Blimp Pilots, the developers behind Koi Pond, Distant Shore puts a new spin on social networking.

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