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Hanging with Friends Makes Hanging with Strangers Fun

Hanging with Friends Makes Hanging with Strangers Fun

Zynga makes good use of their experience with Words with Friends and offers up a different kind of word guessing game. Hanging with Friends is classic hangman with enough twists to create a solid, multiplayer online word game that iPhone and iPod touch players will love.


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iTabo is a Party (Game) That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

iTabo is a great idea, well executed. The app markets itself as a word game, but it can more accurately be called a “party game,” one of those quasi-board games you’re meant to play with a group, with or without a few alcoholic beverages to help the hilarity along.


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Abble Dabble is a Letter Tile Game with a Twist

Logophiles, Scrabble fans, and anyone who enjoys a good word game should definitely check out Coresoft’s Abble Dabble. Raising the word game bar, Abble Dabble presents an array of settings and features that breathes new life into the characteristic letter tile game, while still retaining the familiarity of a classic.


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Word Absurd is an Uncommonly Good Word Search

Word searches are all the more fun when you're searching for the bizarre words rather than the mundane. Word Absurd by developer new-comer Trephination Proved Worthless LLC is a collection of word searches where the hidden words are slightly more unique than the standard fare.

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Race to Make Words with WordMonger HD

Race to Make Words with WordMonger HD

WordMonger HD is another in the line of word games that that are quite popular on iDevices. Words with Friends and Scrabble are among those that dominate this category. While WordMonger does not have the social features of those other games it is a good challenge for those who want another app to tackle in this genre.


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Word Droppings - Funny Name, Fun Game

Don't worry, it's not in your eye, it's with an I and an E, O, U and sometimes Y. Word Droppings is a word building game played by tapping letters to form words, which as expected, scores you points.

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Woffo Is a Smarter, Harder, Twistier Word Puzzler

Developer Obo Games says its app Woffo has "more smarts than Crosswords, harder strategy than Scrabble and more twists than Boggle." Trust me, it’s true.
Woffo is easily one of the more challenging word puzzlers that I’ve come across.

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Looking for a Fun New Word Game? Vocabulator Has the Answer

Vocabulator is an apt name for Nexus6 Software’s newest word puzzle app that features clean simple presentation similar in appearance to a calculator, varying degrees of difficulty, and a wealth of word information.

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Wordweaver Takes Word Games to the Next Level

Wordweaver adds new features, twists and roadblocks to the typical "find and select" word puzzlers. It could be one of the most innovative word games I've played in a while, and it's easily the most challenging.

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Grabl is a Fast-Paced Addition to iPhone Word Games

Grabl is a word-building strategy game that will appeal to those brainy types who prefer a shot of adrenaline with their morning crossword.

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Letrix Combines Boggle, Tetris in Frustratingly Fun Word Game

For a game with such simple instructions, Letrix is surprisingly difficult. Letrix is a word puzzle where you build words similar to Boggle or Scrabble using letters that drop down the screen like in Tetris.

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Buy Hint Sprint -The Rhyming Word Game! on the App Store

Hint Sprint Goes and then Slows

If you’re a fan of the Jeopardy TV quiz show, you might get a kick out of Hint Sprint, from developer Sobits.
The app feeds you two or more word clues and you have to find two related words that rhyme.


Interview with Christopher York, Blue Ox Technologies

Blue Ox Technologies has been in business as a consulting firm since 1998 and has been designing iPhone apps since July 2008. The company’s most popular app is the word game Moxie, which is like a mashup of Solitaire and Upwords, Christopher York, of Blue Ox, told AppCraver recently.


Buy SAT® Vocab Challenge Vol. 1, by The Princeton Review on the App Store

Improve Your SAT® Score and Build Your Vocabulary with SAT® Vocab Challenge

SAT® Vocab Challenge - I am now and will remain a proponent of “edutainment” until I am no longer capable of independent thought. Regardless of the stance some educators and parents might take, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making learning fun and if a student can learn something from playing a game, then why not take advantage of it?

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Letter Bug is an Engaging Word Game

As soon as you start playing Letter Bug, you will find that it is a unique word-forming game, with multiple layers and levels.  However, because Letter Bug is more complex than other word games, it can also be slightly confusing.

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