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Buy Chicktionary on the App Store

Chicktionary is an Eggcellent Word-Making Text Game

I have a thing for chickens. I admit it. Word games make me a little crazy, but chickens? I love them. Chicktionary is an excellent text-twisting game with darn cute cartoon chickens who cluck, flap their wings, toss feathers and make encouraging chicken noises as you play.

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Stitch'em Sews Words and Pictures Together

Syed M. Ali's Stitch'em Words is a toe-tapping, entertaining word puzzler. It's part text twister and part rebus puzzle. The aim is to solve word puzzles using a combination of letters and pictographs (that's what a rebus is, if you're not familiar with the word).


WordJong is a Word Puzzle and Mahjong in One Game

Every time I begin to think I've seen every imaginable variation on a word game, along comes something like Gameblend Studios' WordJong. Evidently the game has been around for the PC, DS and Wii platforms for quite a while, so I'm surprised I haven't run across it before.


Buy Super Word Find on the App Store

Super Word Find Will Keep Search Enthusiasts Busy

Super Word Find is exactly what it purports to be — a word finding puzzle which remains true to the classic word search puzzles. Moreover, it’s “supercharged” in a kind of way that only a Word Search can be.

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Look for More Strategy and Story-Heavy Adventure Games in the Next Few Months

In the months ahead, you'll continue to see the same steady flow of puzzle and word games in the App Store, but just not as many of them as before. You'll also see more strategy titles and some new genres, especially in the story-heavy adventure game category.


Buy Wordipus on the App Store

word.i.pus is the Dictionary Every Scrabble or Boggle Player Needs

I need word.i.pus, from Paul Jacobs, because I cheat at Scrabble. That's the only way I can beat my wife who has Oracle Database 11g for a brain. She knows I cheat but she lets me get away with it because she also knows I won't play against her otherwise.

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Buy Word Warp on the App Store

Word Warp is Best Word Game for iPhone

Word Warp! I love this game and everything about it. This is probably the one iPhone app that I have used everyday since I have downloaded it. The object of the game is exactly like that of Text Twist if you are familiar with it.

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Buy SCRABBLE on the App Store

Scrabble, Just Right for Tough Times

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an out-of-work architect, during the Great Depression. Hmm, I wonder whether it's coincidence that Electronic Arts has just released its version of the popular word game for the iPhone, or a sign the economy is set to go further down the drain?

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Buy Imangi on the App Store

Imangi Invites Players to Join in a Multi-Player Word Challenge

Imangi may seem like just another word game a first glance, but Imangi has a twist that makes the game different and challenging. Each row and column is actually a dial that lets you rotate the letters.

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Buy WordsWorth Pro on the App Store

WordsWorth is a New Wrapper for a Familiar Game

WordsWorth is another one of those word games that everyone seems so fond of these days. Similar to other word finding games, Wordsworth involves using letters from the hexagons on the screen and connecting them in a chain-like manner to create a word.


Konstroo This! Lacks for Challenging Words

KonstrooThis! from All of Zero is a simple word game in two parts. In the first part, you decipher three jumbled words in one of three categories: Easy (three and four letter words), Standard (three, four and five letter words) Difficult (five letter words) and More Difficult (six letter words).


Buy Word Flow on the App Store

Word Flow is Challenging and Addictive

The new app Word Flow by first-time iPhone app developer 3VGames plays like a new version of Scrabble designed for the iPhone platform. Word Flow is easy to pick up, and challenging once you get into it.

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Buy wurdle on the App Store

Playing Wurdle? Better React Fast!

Similar to games like Boggle, the goal of Wurdle is to find connected blocks that can form words within a certain amount of time — usually two minutes. During this time, you want to get the most amount of words as well as the longest words possible to get the highest score.

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White Letters is a Marriage of Tetris and Scrabble

This app, known as White Letters, has used two classic games and brought them together. The first game that White Letters mimics is Tetris. The letters drop from the top and you have to adjust it to the right spot before it reaches the letters on the bottom.


Buy Halloween WordSearch on the App Store

Halloween Wordsearch is Fun for October

Halloween Wordsearch is one of those self-explanatory apps that easily delivers. It's a simple wordsearch with a spooky holiday theme that has just enough words and graphics to occupy you through the end of the month.


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