TaleTeller Kickstarts Creative Storytelling and Lets You Record the Results

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TaleTeller storyteller app for iOSTaleTeller is a personal storytelling app that allows children (or Adults) to create and share their own interactive stories. It works as a sort of visual prompter where the user narrates a creative story by incorporating a set of symbols that TaleTeller provides. The story can be as wild as your mind can imagine or a simple twist on a familiar fairytale with just enough changes to add in the required pictographs.

Each story uses eight symbols such as: glasses, a hat, an octopus, a deck of cards, a mime, a clock and a crown. TaleTeller will provide a different set of symbols every time and the app will record your story so it can be played back or even sent to another device.

Of course the whole point of telling a story is to share it with others. The app makes it easy. Social media is already integrated so your TaleTeller recordings can quickly be shared through Facebook or Twitter with the click of a button. Your stories can also be shared via email. 

TaleTeller is great for children as it challenges them to tell a story while using their imagination and critical thinking skills to include all of the varied elements. The app is also a neat way for parents to record their own voice telling a bedtime story. Whether traveling or working late, they still be a part of their child’s bedtime routine.

TaleTeller is an interesting iOS tool but it is not without faults. The app has a fantastic concept but does not fully capitalize on its own idea. My biggest concern with the app is that at this point it is more of a recording device than a true interactive storyteller. I would love for it to provide suggested ideas for the type of story I should tell. If you do not come into the TaleTeller app with a preconceived story then the app can be difficult to use. The point of an app should be to make things easier and, for the creatively-challenged, TaleTeller doesn't do enough to help get the story started.

TaleTeller has an intriguing concept, but it has not reached its full potential as an app. At this point, it is more of a glorified voice recorder than an interactive storytelling device. It can be fun and entertaining, but TaleTeller might not be the most useful tool for someone who needs a full-featured storytelling app.

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