talkFree: No Faves, No Armies, Just Free Cell Phone Calls

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talkfree iphone apptalkFree - With so many cellular phone companies and monthly service plans, people often have a difficult time maintaining manageable costs. The best way to manage costs is through the use of the calls your service provider allows you to make free of charge.

But how can you be sure what calls you want to make are free? Get a plan with a Fave 5, or the one with an army of people that follows you everywhere, maybe a service that could be run better if the UPS delivery personnel were in charge? Nope, none of them have the iPhone.

With the talkFree iPhone app by D Nagalla, there is no need to drop your iPhone or change providers. TalkFree runs a scan of your contacts and identifies all of your contacts that are AT&T customers and labels them (iN). Now you know which calls are free mobile to mobile.

Depending on the number of contacts you have on your phone, the talkFree scan will take about a minute or so to complete. Then you’re done and ready to really talk for free. Now you know who you can chat away the hours with and who’ll need to be cut short.

Need to make a call but have no interests in adding the number to your contacts? No problem, talkFree allows you to scan individual numbers also. Just enter the number and you’ll receive a response of either free Minutes or eats Minutes.

For those on a budget or simply wishing to better manage their account talkFree is here for you. No more calls from some other guys faves sneaking in and eating up all of your minutes.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Randall

    Very smart idea. My iPhone is my business phone. Our whole team is on ATT but this sure beats having to ask a client what his/her carrier is at the 60 minute point.