Talking Pics


Talking Pics is an app from Stone Design BigStonePhone, a one three-man shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico run by Andrew Stone, a 40ish Mac software veteran. You can read a little bit more about Andrew and his chickens, and eco-lifestyle here.

Talking Pics is a voice recorder, but with a twist. Rather than just taking individual voice recordings, it allows you to tag photos with voice comments, as well as text notes. You can then store and edit groups of these annotated pictures in "Projects", and upload these slideshows to the web. I wasn't able to figure out the upload part, but here is an example of such a project.

Overall, a useful app, and unique in the ability to easily create slideshows. The only question is whether it is worth the $9.99.

UPDATE: Andrew Stone checked in with us to let us know that the name of his shop is "BigStonePhone," and that it's a three-man operation. He also let us know that TalkingPics v1.1 lets you upload files to your desktop. Looking forward to seeing more apps out of BigStonePhone.

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