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Developer: Brian Wurster
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Tangrams puzzle game for iPhoneI've always been fascinated by tessellations -- the images created by grouping geometric figures into larger patterns. So, I was excited to for a chance to test out Tangrams which is a Chinese puzzle game based on the same idea. Ported to the iPhone by Brian Wurster, Tangrams is a modern version of the game that takes seven shapes (called "tans") and rearranges them to make larger shapes.

Tangrams is simple enough that I was able to catch on in seconds, yet challenging enough to hold my interest. Use the supplied puzzle shapes and match them to the silhouette on the screen. Tap once to rotate the shape and drag to move it around the screen.

Some of puzzles were a little tricky, but a quick tap of the "hint" feature soon had me on my way. I only wish that the "hint" would recognize which pieces I had correctly in place already. Twice I asked for a hint and it "helped" me by telling me what I already knew.

There are more than 400 different puzzle combinations, so even if -- like me -- you get addicted and end up playing many games in a row, it will take days or weeks before you start to cycle through the same games again.

Overall Tangrams is a fun way to take a quick -- or long -- break that will give your brain a workout but still leaving you feeling like a puzzle-solving star!

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  • http://www.scriptygoddess.com Jennifer

    I bought TanZen I think the DAY BEFORE this one came out. I like TanZen - but the "hint" feature would be nice sometimes (and there was one puzzle that it accepted as correct - even though there was clearly a whole in the middle (so either the "shadow" you're supposed to cover up with the shapes was incorrect, or my solution was wrong - no idea. I was just glad to have it accept it. It didn't seem like it was possible to get the shape it wanted!)

    Have you tried TanZen? I'd be interested to know if this one is worth buying, even though I already bought TanZen... (Also TanZen lists around 100 puzzles - as opposed to this one at over 400.) :/

  • Barbara Holbrook

    I did finally try out TanZen lite and much prefer Tangrams. The help feature is makes a huge difference! It's no fun to be frustrated, and without assistance there are some puzzles I just couldn't solve. Also, the pieces seem to click into place easier on Tangrams.