Don't Worry About Collateral Damage in Tank Battles in Suburbia

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tank-battles-in-suburbiaTank Battles in Suburbia, from Cloud Scissor, is a dark, but funny, take on the classic tank shooter. Hop into a tank and start blasting away, not just at other tanks but also at pricey homes, cop cars, warehouses, fast-food restaurants – in short, everything in sight. When the battle ends, you’ll see in dollars and cents just how much collateral damage you’ve caused.

Picture yourself in one of eight towns with names like Edison, Montclair and Summit, where you can rampage in Campaign or Custom Game modes.

In Campaign mode, defeat enemy tanks in eight cities and towns before you reach the highest level, designated The Highway. If you’re good enough, you can arrange to have your scores posted on Cloud Scissors' top score page.

In Custom Game mode, you’ll be battling the bad guys on a single level. You select the level, your tank type, and the enemy tanks you face.

Enemy tanks are displayed in different colors –- red, yellow, black -- which are indicators of their advantages in speed, armor or a balance of the two attributes.

You have the option of choosing Easy, Medium and Hard levels as well.

Unfortunately, Tank Battles in Suburbia's game controls are flawed. There’s a left thumb button that controls both speed and direction and a right button to pull the trigger, or whatever you do when you launch a tank shell. It’s difficult to control speed and direction using the single left button, especially with enemy tanks bearing down on you. If anything, the controls are twitchy, for lack of a better way to describe them. The tank shells don’t always go in the direction you’re pointing either.

The sound FX  are so-so (the sound the guns make sound is more like a hand clap than a  satisfying kerboom!).

However, I give Tank Battles in Suburbia points for concept and graphics. It’s also hard to beat the cheap price tag! If you like tank games, also check out  Crazy Tanks.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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