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Developer: Osamu Takahashi
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tank tigers iphoneTank Tigers is a new 3D shooting game for iPhone that puts players in control of various tanks on different battlefields as you try to score the most combat points. Tank Tigers places players in a 3D WWII setting with five different tanks to choose from and two modes of play – single and multi player. As a good multi-player WiFi or bluetooth compatible game is always appreciated, the multi-player aspect of Tank Tigers is what lends to its intrigue and though it isn’t a great game, it doesn’t tank altogether either.

Game play is simple. Using the on screen driving controls to the left, players control their selected tanks forward, sideways, and in reverse motion, while a turret control is seated neatly to the right. When your tank is in range of an opponent tank, simply press the “fire” button to deliver point-rendering firepower. You must wait until your fire meter recharges before taking aim at another tank, but the process of aim, fire, and recharge is fairly smooth and relatively quick.

The only thing you have to watch out for is enemy fire from behind. The various tanks have different performance levels, which impacts their stability and ability to withstand firepower.

Though Tank Tigers is fairly simple to understand, there are a few less-than-intuitive aspects to the game, such as no apparent way to pause or return to the menu during game play and the map selection screen is sometimes slow or unresponsive. To access new maps, you have to play single player mode beginning in Berlin and then you will unlock a new map. From the Map Select menu, spin the globe until the selected location, marked by a dot, is highlighted. To view the map tap the down arrow.

The multi-player aspect of Tank Tigers is by far its best feature. You can play with up to four other players with a bluetooth connection and up to 16 over WiFi. Setting up multi-player is pretty quick and you can select from different time limits – up to 10 – in the settings menu. I love games with multi-player ability over WiFi, so the fact that Tank Tigers includes this option gives it bonus points in my book. The only major gripe I have is the inclination of tanks to respawn directly behind another one. Granted, the maps aren’t that big and the more players on the map, the higher the likelihood it will happen, but it’s still annoying.

Overall, Tank Tigers provides a fair amount of third-person shooter fun in the form of a classic tank game. The price may be a bit steep in comparison to the overall value, but it does venture into the multi-player arena in a fun, simple way. I would recommend keeping an eye out for a price drop unless you’re a diehard tank lover and just can’t wait. An added bonus is the promise of more maps, and possibly tanks, to come.

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  • NoBite

    Folks, I bought this game based primarily on this review. I did not have any FPS games and thought this would be a great introduction. WRONG! I should have read the sentence "Gameplay is simple" and stopped right there! That sums up this game.

    Movement of the tank you "control" and the enemy tanks is one dimensional. To say it is arcade-like insults the genera. No way to control the elevation of the turret, so all shots go the same distance. Although the scenery changes with the location, the gameplay is unaffected by the scenery, so it is an illusion at best.

    This is a clunky game that would be a poor buy at $0.99. At full price, it is a rip-off. One star would be too many.

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