Tap News vs. News Fuse: Both Apps Consolidate Name-Brand News


news fuse and tap news iphone app comparisonTap News and News Fuse are so similar in so many ways, I figured that I should compare them side-by-side.

Tap News, from Sudobility, and News Fuse USA,  from icoderz, pull together articles from nine popular news outlets so you can access them all from one place. Both apps will feed you news from ABC News, BBC News, CBS News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, USA Today and Yahoo! News.

The main difference, as far as content goes, between these two apps is that Tap News provides CNBC and News Fuse USA provides Fox News. Both apps grab articles at the same speed and articles are organized into “just tap it” lists. Scroll, tap, read.

In side-by-side comparisons of the eight news outlets Tap News and News Fuse USA share in common, I found they are identical: same news, same format.

They both cost $0.99 and they’re both ad-supported, as are all brand-names news apps these day.

Tap News and News Fuse each have easy-to-use navigation schemes, although minor differences exist. There’s not much to using news apps, so you would expect both would have the same capabilities.

News Fuse has a slightly fancier look. You select a news outlet by tapping on a colorful logo. Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen and a 3 x 3 grid of news logos slides into view.

Tap News uses a drop down menu with plain gray buttons but it’s functional and non intrusive. I lean toward this less-shiny set up, because it doesn’t get in the way but that's a personal preference only.

Neither one of these apps have news reading abilities that can stand comparison to the news readers of the content providers themselves. USA Today’s app, for example, has additional features that enable you to customize your reading experience.

Is one app decidedly better than the other? Nope. You’ll be happy with either. If you want to consolidate prime-time news brands into one app instead of three or four, then either Tap News or News Fuse does the trick.

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  • http://twitter.com/mrlarrygreen/status/1788621660 Seattle REALTOR®

    Tap News and News Fuse Consolidate Name-Brand News Providers into One App (iphone app) http://viigo.im/zm8

  • http://GarySaid.com/ Gary LaPointe

    Hmm.... I really need them to cache the news for off-line reading on my iPod Touch. Some of those apps (especially NYT) have awesome off-line browsing.

    What I really want is these news apps to automatically launch and update themselves at 6 am (or other times) when I know I have WiFi, I'd want this even if I had a phone. On my Palm 755p I have it launch Pocket Express at 6:30 in the morning on weekdays (9am on weekends) and it'd get the latest news, so even if I went on-line with it later it was SUPER-fast since it already had most of the new news all cached.

    I'll still want the same thing when I get my iPhone June 9th. Even if they had a service to send a "push" to tell it to update that'd be great. I'll tell the NYT who I am and other stats, they supply a push to me several times a day and put in some targeted ads tied to my interest!

  • http://editorialengine.com Michael Alexander

    You'll be happy to know that push notification will be available with the release of OS 3.0, just about the same time you get your new iPhone.

  • http://GarySaid.com/ Gary LaPointe

    I know the OS will support it. The question is will the applications?

    Will they bother to add something to update my news automatically?

    If they don't then it doesn't matter. It's that last sentence in my above post that I need them to do...

  • Michael Alexander

    We'll find out in less than a month.