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Tap Tap Revenge 3
Developer: Tapulous, Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

tap tap revenge iphone appIf you've played any of the Guitar Hero games, then you will be no stranger to the gameplay of Tap Tap Revenge by Tapulous. Even though it’s not as interactive as Guitar Hero it's very entertaining and the weekly downloadable songs keep the app fresh.

The main menu contains One Player, Two Player, Play Online, Download More Tracks and Options. The first two options let you play by yourself or simultaneously with a friend. Play Online is where Tap Tap Revenge gets good. The game gives you the option to battle against other players all over the globe and even finds players nearby.

Even though it would be great to be able to play any song in your library, restrictions in the iPhone SDK keep this from happening. However, users are treated to weekly downloads from Tapulous, which keeps the app from getting old too quickly.

The Options menu allows users some minor tweaks that adjust gameplay as well as a way to delete downloaded songs and edit your Tapulous profile.

Tap Tap Revenge looks a lot like Guitar Hero. It has 3 bars extending off into space and the notes slide towards you. Tapping the notes "plays" the music and gains points. There are also left, right and forward/back arrows that make you move the iPhone or iPod touch. This is a nice touch (no pun intended) that brings a bit more interactivity to Tap Tap Revenge. Multipliers and “star power” are also used and are gained by tapping notes in a row.

Downloading new songs is very easy and the selection is great. Songs range anywhere from Weezer —Troublemaker to Q-Tip — Gettin’ Up. Downloading songs on a WiFi connection took about 15-30 seconds.

Those willing to plunk down a few bucks can get even more songs. The Tap Tap Revenge playlist is rapidly expanding with last month's Nine Inch Nails Revenge and the recently released Tap Tap Dance.

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  • mia

    omg I heart this game but how do you get starpower?!?!?!?!

  • William Biwer

    In order to activate "star power" you need to get up to 8x and it will say something like "Shake for..." in which you shake the phone for a split second and if you did it correctly the notes (dots) will change a bit from their original color.

  • Joanna

    When i am playing sometimes it will say " revenge" across my screen it will also have arrows underneath it. Is this like star power? If so how do i activate/ use it?

  • chris

    when you see "revenge" that is the " star power" equivalent. at that time you just simply tilt your up/down hence the arrows point up & down, the background will then turn a dark blue, & the notes will appear as if to glow under a black light.

  • http://www.appcraver.com connpr

    once i played tap tap on my friends ipod and i did medium and the song was love game by ladygaga and on the first half i did'nt miss once