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Tap Defense - In Game MenuGet ready to spend some time playing TapDefense by TapJoy because it’s extremely addicting. Your goal is simple, don’t allow the demons, firecats, locust and other evils into heaven. Though this may sound easy, it most definitely is not.

From TapDefense's main menu you can start a new game, view highscores, adjust options, get help and display the credits. The Highscores button takes you to a screen displaying your best scores on each difficulty as well as the top scores around the globe. A very nice feature that I believe should be included in all iPhone and iPod touch games is the ability to submit your score to a global database. You can do just that in TapDefense.

The options menu includes settings for toggling the games sound, hiding and showing the enemy's health and clearing your personal scores. If you are new to this style of game I recommend checking out the help section briefly. It is very detailed and will explain all the parts of the game. The credits button will display all of the individuals involved with the creation of TapDefense. 

The gameplay, once you understand the basics, is very simple. You start with 75 “credits” to begin building towers. Once the initial build is complete you can begin the game.

Creatures are released at one side of the screen and their goal is to follow the path to the other side without being destroyed. Look for hints displayed at the beginning of some levels —  these will be helpful during the next phase.

There are tons of in-game options. You can upgrade towers to level 3 as well as research a few new towers throughout TapDefense. You can also raise your interest — how much credit you earn based on your remaining credits — which helps build your credit cache in the long run. Research is done by obtaining “halos” which are rewarded after certain levels. The first levels are fairly simple, at least on easy, but begin to get more challenging as the game goes on.

Overall the replay value on TapDefense is very high. The level of customization also makes the game easy to come back to over and over. I would have paid for TapDefense, but it’s free which gives you no excuse not to try it out.

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  • netburnr

    Its a pretty decent game, but once you get up the higher levels you do not get enough money so you pretty much get stuck at the same place over and over regardless of how you try to set up your defenses.

  • FF

    netburnr you have to build your money off interest or you will never have enough to for the bigger better towers

  • Loki0711

    I agree totally with netburnr. I keep getting to level 30 and get complete stuck. I have tried deferent towers, tried just trying to build up to all level 3 towers and such but it I always fail by level 30.

    With all the being said its a great game.

  • noobs

    You guys are n00bs. Learn to play the game right and you will beat it. I beat it and still had 4k left of gold.

  • scythe463

    lol, all you did to get that much gold was hack the game, cuz i bet a ten year old could do that.

  • scythe463

    by the way, great game. I have the same problem as loki because i cannot get past level 30

  • matt

    once you get past 29/30 it gets easier. use your first halo on ice, second on magic, and then interest. Once you get past the hard levels, you have so much gold, you don't know what to do with it

  • blah

    It's very easy to get past level 30 if you know how to manage your gold early in the game. You're probably spending it way too early. I've ended the game with much more than 4k gold without cheating it's not that hard.

    @scythe463: You really shouldn't be accusing other people of cheating if you can't even beat the game. You have no idea what the ending levels are like and how your gold really starts to pile up in the 30s