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TapDo - Task Organizer
Developer: Nikola Lajic
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

tapdo-iPhoneTapDo goes beyond the traditional to-do checklist to bring more robust features for task management.

TapDo will appeal to those who like to organize their tasks into a system of files and aggregate them by due date. There are plenty of different ways to label and categorize tasks in TapDo, so if this is an unfamiliar concept it may take a bit of getting used to. Fortunately there is a fairly good help feature that you will be prompted to read the first time using the app.

The major difference in TapDo is the system of phrases that are available for quickly creating a task. They are divided into common categories and offer further choices based on what you select. For example, after tapping the word "business," the phrases "meet with" or "finish" appear. Tap on "meet with" and then the next choices are "family" or "friends." If these phrases don't really describe what you do, there is the ability to customize your own. If you are really feeling creative the icons that accompany the phrases can also be customized. These tasks can then be categorized and viewed as folder tabs for quick access. 

If you just want to simply add a task from scratch that can be done also. Tapping on the plus button brings up a form to create a task and then assign a due date. Adding dates makes for easier searching and display of the tasks, as TapDo can quickly bring up the tasks that are approaching a deadline. There is also an overdue section for those who need a constant reminder about their slacking.

Each of the commands in TapDo come with a different clicking sound. They're actually not bad and far less annoying than the sounds found in most apps. But if these sounds are not for you they can be turned off.

For those who prefer a simpler system of to-do lists TapDo may be a bit overkill. For example, many are happy to use less feature-rich apps or Google's Tasks web app. But if spending a bit of time setting up folders and phrases is your style of organization then TapDo may be an effective tool to have.

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