TaskData (Exchange Sync) for Outlook Tasks and Notes

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

taskdata-exchange-outlook-sync-iphoneDevelopers are increasingly introducing apps like TaskData (Exchange Sync) that attempt to bridge the gap between the iPhone and the enterprise.

TaskData (Exchange Sync), from developer Phillip Zedalis, is a productivity application for business users who operate in a Microsoft Windows environment. The iPhone 2.0 upgrade featured ActiveSync synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange server environments for e-mail, calendars, and contacts.

TaskData enables you edit and manage tasks and notes, search and sync over-the-air to a corporate network running on Exchange and Outlook.

TaskData (Exchange Sync) is streamlined and designed to handle the most essential chores. It works on Exchange 2003, Small Business Server 2003, Exchange 2007 and Small Business Server 2008.

Tap the Tasks icon in the lower left corner, followed by the Plus sign and you’re off and running. You’re stepped through naming a task, start and end dates, percentage completed, priority and other attributes of the task. You can sort and view your entries in categories.

The process is similar for Notes.

Once you have everything set up the way you would like, tap the Sync icon and it will begin. Oh yeah, what about the server settings? Where do those go?

You won’t find any help on TaskData (Exchange Sync), so I’ll tell you: Go to Settings, scroll down the list of applications to TaskData and tap it. Here’s where you’ll find Server Settings to select the kind of server you’ll access,  give the server a name and a few other details.

You’ll also find setting for Exchange” email address, username, password, Tasks Alias and again, a few other details.

I ran TaskData (Exchange Sync) through my industrial-strength iPhone washing machine and my whites were almost bright white ( to steal a thought from a Tide commercial). While entering a list of tasks on one occasion, as I went back and forth between screens, the list I was working on disappeared and I had to start all over. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue, however. I didn’t experience any other problems either. Some reviewers have complained about TaskData’s reliability, so I figured that I would mention it.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Richard Sherman

    Is this an app that i can buy that would sync with Outlook Tasks?

  • steve

    Check out 2do in the app store, it works flawlessly.

  • Mike

    Steve, You owe me a couple bucks 2DO is a desktop app and NOT and does not commucicate with Exchange server (OWA to be precise) I do not want to run Bonjur and a bunch of desk top apps to support my I phone. Trying taskdata now

  • Mike

    Taskdata: Do miss the setup in general settings above
    Not a perfect soluti9n but at least I get my tasks to my IPhone

  • Patrick Ng

    I tried taskdata, but it corrupt my notes stored in exchange. Any similar problem ?