Will Tatomic be the New Tetris for iPhone?

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tatomic iphoneTetris has been the background to a lot of games that are coming out recently on the iPhone. I have written about a few so far, but nothing like this one.

Tatomic is a game that involves color-coded "atoms" that have to be paired up by color. The atoms drop from the top of the screen, similar to Tetris, two connected atoms at a time. In order to clear a color you have to strategically place and pair up the colors. Each color has a specific chain length that is required to connect in order to clear the chain. The chains can only connect if they are touching top, bottom, or side and not diagonally. The ultimate objective of tatomic is to keep clearing lines without letting it build to the top of the grid. Welcome to new-age tetris.

The front screen is very simple and quickly loads so you can get playing right away. As soon as you start playing, Tatomic shows you exactly what to do straight from the start. It shuffles through each button and symbol telling you what each one does and means. The options section is great and allows you to shut off the sound which everyone already knows that I think is very important. It also gives a color blind option that you can turn on if you are color blind and it helps you know the colors, a rare but beneficial feature.

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  • Brandon

    Don't you mean "color-coded" instead of "color-coated"

  • Barbara Holbrook

    @brandon You're right! Thanks for catching our goof.

  • http://semanjo7.blogspot.com guzzino

    indredible game, the music is very addictive and improved game play.
    thank you, i get it free

  • http://semanjo7.blogspot.com guzzino

    how i can get the music?