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Teach Me Sushi
Developer: Jake Davidow
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teach me sushi iphoneBeing somewhat challenged in the art of culinary preparation, I tend to keep an eye out for cooking and recipe apps that I find helpful but not too challenging. I've been through a plethora of free and paid apps in all manners and styles of food, recipes and so on, but would never have dared to seek out help with sushi. I know it's not trendy to detest sushi, but I do. It looks pretty on a tray, but I can't stomach the raw fish part. That said, after a run through of the Teach Me Sushi app, I have a strong desire to try making it whether I'd eat it or not.

Teach Me Sushi is a comprehensive guide to making several types of sushi (not all of which contain fish by the way) and features video presentation, step-by-step instructions and informative tid bits about these bite size munchies. It'[s actually an ancillary of a total "Teach Me Sushi" package that includes sushi-making parties for those who live in New York. If your kitchen is located outside the geographic scope of this company, the app is the next best thing.

Teach Me Sushi videos are as well-done as any television cooking show and the host is energetic and makes sushi preparation look fun to try - even for people like me who are apprehensive of the toaster. The tips included, like how to select fish, how to prepare the rice, and what equipment you need, are presented in a helpful manner and supported by written instructions for quick reference.

Sushi recipes include maki, nigiri, and sashimi, among others. Don't worry if you've never made sushi before, everything is explained in a clear fashion. Even the ingredients list has a pictorial guide for the ill-informed.

If you've ever wanted to learn to make sushi, Teach Me Sushi is ideal. It may seem like a risk to download another cooking app at this price, but it's actually far more useful than a small cookbook with the visual guidance that was clearly well prepared. Teach Me Sushi will do exactly as it promises - teach you to make sushi.

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