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Teddy Tumble
Developer: D7 Studios, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Teddy Tumble iOSDon't be fooled by the cute little fuzziness in Teddy Tumble for iPhone because you'll soon realize that its cuteness is out shined by 90 levels of ultra fun addictive gameplay. With similar game theory as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, this physics-based puzzler puts quite the twist on sliding, turning and bumping Teddy through the maze and to the clean clothesline.

And it's free for now to download with the option to unlock the full game for $.99. However, for those of you savvy thumb gamers looking for a bargain... simply "like" their Facebook page from within the app to unlock the entire game for free. But paying the small fee is nothing as this game is fun and addictive.Teddy Tumble takes the world's wackiest washing machine and turns it into an addictive puzzle that you will find hard to put down. Once you launch the app you're presented with the home menu that allows you to connect to GameCenter, go directly into gameplay or click on options for music, sounds effects, etc. Options also includes the bonus tab, which features concept art and a full-fledged comic. These are unlocked as you finish levels.

If you're only interested in getting wet, then jump on into the game and take Teddy for a tumble. The point of the game is to help traverse Teddy through the maze in the least amount of time while collecting all the detergent bubbles and avoiding the obstacles like dirt for maximum points.

As you complete levels, the game becomes more and more difficult. Obstacles such as dirt will lower your score if you hit them. Also, one-way levers will get you into tight spots that you cannot come out of or will have to start the game over.

For its enormous amount of levels, extras and challenging gameplay, Teddy Tumble is a must download. Teddy Tumble will have you rethinking how you complete puzzles as its game mechanics are very interesting and addictive.

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