Tetris for iPhone is fantastic!

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

tetris for the apple iphoneThere are hundreds (if not thousands) of Tetris ripoffs, including the iPhone-ready website iphone-tetris.com but there is only one official iPhone Tetris application, and that's the one from Electronic Arts. Let me tell you - it's fantastic.

You can start playing immediately, without even scanning the rules section. Tap a piece, and it rotates. The position of the piece when dropped is ghosted at the bottom of the screen. A downward gesture causes the piece to fall. This is exactly what you want from an iPhone app - a very simple, focused UI which you can master in minutes, not hours.

I can guarantee that the Tetris iPhone app will be a huge timewaster in airports, train stations, long distance backseat drives and medical waiting rooms. Well worth the $7.99 price tag.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Timothy Bryce

    Does it ever get confused as to whether you're rotating the piece or moving it side-to-side?

  • Fred Krueger

    no. tapping the screen rotates, clicking right or left moves side to side. its works the way you expect it to

  • Paul Reny

    You've got the price listed as free, but it's 9.95, as you mention in your review... also, the screenshot isn't from the actual app.....

  • http://www.sheilabocchine.com/blog Sheila Bocchine

    Where can I find the highest scores for Tetris? I want to see how close I am to the high score!

  • Markus

    EA is the most stupid company I can think of. Why the hell are their games only available in the US? I mean I can (to a very very limited degree) sort of understand that movies or music videos are not available in europe because there might be some silly license agreements protecting other distributors... But for iPhone apps???? There is simply no other channel. So, EA, why don't you sell your stuff to the rest of the world???

  • http://iphone.appspatrol.com/ iphone app reviews

    The game cannot be mastered BECAUSE of its UI! In Tetris you need to be able to make quick moves that involve rotation and alignment. With these controls you cna only execute more deliberate moves. This essentially makes later levels unplayable and earlier levels unbeatable once you get into any amount of trouble. These issues, and the high price tag, make me lean towards a PASS recommendation on this one.


    Any place to find highscores?

    My current Highscores 117k+ level 8 with 95 lines; 4,360,000+ level 15 completed magic level.

  • Maya

    My highscore is 672,000 152 lines. It's impossible to get higher than that. I start on level 15 and only eliminate lines by performing tetrises. Why doesn't it go beyond 152 lines?

  • Dario

    My high score is 537,000 took me like 2 weeks worth of addiction to get i got like tetris 90% of the time.
    there should also be an option that lets you play unlimited lines and just keeps getting faster and faster until you lose
    the highest possible score you can get is a little over 672,000 and thats becouse you get a tiny bit of extra points if you slam some of the bricks down so to maya its not impossible to beat that score

  • Monsoon

    I got 679,500 in Marathon (Level 15, a single line eliminated at the beginning, and after that only tetrises, making 153 lines). I think it is not possible to get a higher score.

  • James

    This game is actually quite easy to beat at the higher levels, especially when you hold pieces and keep them moving once they've dropped. To get really high scores you need to play marathon, start on level 15, throw in a few t-spins and make sure that every time you get rid of lines it is a tetris by leaving a gap up the side and dropping straight pieces in. My high score is 810000 with 152 lines on marathon but i've seen screenshots of higher. It's all about the t-spins.

  • Joey

    My current high score is 864,000. You have to start at level 15 and make all tetrises and include as many t-spins(make the purple block rotate into a 2 sided area) as you can. I did the math and i got 31 t-spins and all tetrises to make that score.

  • Alex

    DAMN JOEY UR GOOD! I got 690 000, i didn't get enough t-spins :(

  • Joey

    I have beaten my own record again. 924,000 now:) I need a girlfriend:P

  • ^^

    i got 1080000 score

  • Tetris King

    Got 894,000 on marathon starting on level 15 with many T spins and months of practice

  • Mandarine7

    960000 on marathon with many many tspins ;)