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TextGuru - Edit and Share Documents
Developer: Steven Anderson
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

textguru text editing for ipod touch and iphoneTextGuru is a serious text editor. And for those that need it, this program is on the cutting edge in productivity apps. It offers Text editing including cut, copy, paste, find and replace, and auto save. In addition, users can view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, PDFs and a whole list of other plain-text type languages such as HTML, JAVA, PHP  and more.

In order to make full use of TextGuru, first install a file-sharing program on any computer that you wish to retrieve files from. It just takes a few minutes to get started, but you will need a wifi connection in order to transfer files from your phone to your computer.

TextGuru contains a well-documented help section as well as forums (now offline). This is good, because although TextGuru is well-designed there is a lot to learn.

I don't have the need — or patience —  to edit text on my phone  However, I really like having the ability to view the assorted doc types.

I tested several different Word Documents and aside from replaced fonts, everything looked good. TextGuru allows you to view any of the 22 fonts included on the iPhone, other fonts are replaced with Times by default.

Scrolling through slides on a PDF was quick and easy. PowerPoint slides were another matter. Some documents worked fine, others simply closed TextGuru without warning.

Even with all the features included, TextGuru still has plans for more. Making this is an app to keep your eye on. For now, the TextGuru earns a 7 rating. This could change with more stability and an easier set-up process for users that don't have wifi. I'd also like to have a way to automatically sync files between my home computer and iPhone.

Early adopters and anyone that requires the ability to do true text editing on a mobile device should go check out TextGuru now. All the basic functions are there and it's only going to get better.

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  • John Marcus

    file sharing through server mode does not work on a windows computer. Ftp to an FTP server (a buffalo box terastation) does not work with windows files. I try to drill down into large directories and the TextGuru application crashes.

  • Victor

    Looks good, has good ideas, but crashes a lot, crash when reading some pdf document, crash when creates a folder, crashes when you transfer a file. Well designed, but crashes a looooot!!!!!