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TextTwist Turbo
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TextTwist Turbo iphone appIf you play TextTwist on your computer, do not expect a similar experience playing TextTwist Turbo on the iPhone. The two word games are surprisingly dissimilar.

Both games are based on the same objective: form as many words as you can from a bunch of jumbled letters. Everything else is so different it is disorienting. In the iPhone version of TextTwist Turbo, the graphics are unfamiliar, the way the game is set up on the screen is not the same, the timer is gone and there is the addition of irritating music. It looks like RealArcade started from scratch with this iPhone app, ignoring the great success of their computer version of TextTwist.

TextTwist Turbo doesn't have a user-friendly interface. The list of words you've already formed isn't on the same page as the game; you have to stop playing to tap the menu option mid-game and then you can choose to see your word list.

The user is frequently interrupted during TextTwist Turbo by questions across the iPhone screen: Next level opened! Enter now? No. You can enter the next level from the pause menu. I know. Let me play the darn game and stop bothering me. TextTwist Turbo is sluggish too and the absence of timed play makes the game feel even slower.

You can play a second game on TextTwist Turbo, Twist Puzzle, in which you unjumble words one at a time to reach the next level. I didn't find this version of the game particularly compelling either.

If you want a word twisting app for your iPhone, you can find much better options than TextTwist Turbo. Word Warp is excellent and more similar to the original TextTwist, or try Chicktionary for a well-made, entertaining word game app.

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