Thanksgiving Turkeynizer Greetings

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

thanksgiving turkeynizer iphoneAfter releasing the Halloween Pumpkinizer, developer Mexircus recently released an app for the next upcoming holiday - the Thanksgiving Turkeynizer, an app that allows the user to create personalized Thanksgiving greeting cards.

Thanksgiving Turkeynizer is easy and quick to use. You select one of four turkey images, take a photo or select one from the iPhone's photo album and position, scale and rotate the picture using the touch screen. Once the photo is positioned on the head of the turkey, a title or caption can be written with choices for font, font size and font color. Next you can preview the card before saving it to the iPhone's photo album from where it can be attached to emails.

The price of $0.99 for the Thanksgiving Turkeynizer seems appropriate and anyone who loves sending out funny holiday greetings will get their money's worth. The turkey images are subject to taste and the selection could be a little bigger but Thanksgiving Turkeynizer makes it very easy and quick to send a holiday greeting to friends and family. Let's see what Mexircus comes up with for Christmas.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • MaxxineStamos

    just in time for the holidays!

  • Damien

    I'm gona put my face on a turkey and send it to my uncle who looks like a turkey anyway hahaa

  • roxy22

    This is so festive it hurts