That Beach Channel: When You Need To Get Away


that beach channel iphone appThat beach Channel - The weather is warming up, summer is upon us, and you constantly hear that commercial replaying in your head; wanna get away? Don’t rush out and buy a $50 ticket for a thirty-minute flight to somewhere as equally stifling as where you’re currently sitting.  You need a tropical escape and with That Beach Channel iPhone app by That Beach Channel you can get there for about two bucks.

That Beach Channel iPhone app puts you on the sand of ten wonderful relaxing beaches. You have the opportunity to spend a few minutes on beaches in Maui, St Thomas, Fiji, Oregon Coast, Cancun and St John, allowing you an escape for a few relaxing moments whenever you need to.

That Beach Channel has captured the essence of a quick vacation getaway. Sit back, select a beach, and be transported to a place far from where you are, if only for a few minutes. Each of the crisp clear HD videos is supported by the calming sounds of waves landing on the shore. Visuals and sounds so clear, you can almost smell the salty scent emitting from the ocean spray.

All of the videos in That Beach Channel are two-minutes in length. Just long enough to give you the feeling of being away, but short enough for those that only needed a few relaxing moments away from work. If you want a longer vacation you’ll  have to replay it, or travel to any of the other beaches for two-minutes at a time.

What else you ask? Other than the ability to send an invite to someone from your contacts list, that’s it. That Beach Channel iPhone app is simply a quick getaway to help you relax. What better way to relax but to have a beach all to yourself with only the sights and sounds of nature to relish.

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  • Jeremy K

    This app has already gone up to $1.99 if you want to update your post. It still might be worth it though!