The Adventures of Tintin - The Game is Outstanding Movie Tie-In

The Adventures of Tintin™ - The Game (AppStore Link)
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The Adventures of Tintin™ - The Game
Developer: Gameloft
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

The Adventures of Tintin - The Game for iOSThe Adventures of Tintin - The Game (universal) by Gameloft is a brilliant tie-in to the movie. So much so that one would think the movie was based off of the game. What makes it so special is the emphasis and attention to exploration. At the heart of the game and the movie is a boy and his travels, which makes for an instant classic for the entire family.

The mobile game for iPhone and iPad opens an entirely new world of adventures, including sneaking past guards, swordfighting, flying a plane, racing a camel and a lot more. With use of the accelerometer, the player tags along Tintin's travels while taking control of his friends Sir Francis Haddock, Captain Haddock and his dog Snowy around the time of the great Age of Pirates. The 3D world is a well-designed place of adventure that seems to invite the player into the game with the lure of experiencing Marlinspike Mansion, the desert and the Karagoudjan ship in an epic journey. 

The first level of The Adventures of Tintin - The Game is the "The Big Heist of a Small Ship" where the gamer is tasked with helping Tintin sneak into the mansion to retrieve his small toy ship. And they'll soon find out that it's not as easy as going through the front gate. One must look around to find access. Once they do they'll find clues and bonus items such as puzzle pieces and coins. And watch out for obstacles such as pesky bees as they'll zap life away from the heart meter. Even cooler is the ability to touch on bonus items during cutaway scenes. This brings another level of excitement into the gaming experience. There are also mini games, which don't add much but are still fun, such as cutting ropes to drop boxes on bins full of rats.

While the app is just under 900MB, the size, time to download and pricetag of $6.99 are still well worth it as the The Adventures of Tintin - The Game delivers on the promise of awesome content and big adventures.

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