The Casket Tests Your Puzzle Patience


the casket iphone appThe macabre name not withstanding, this app is a curious puzzle that requires a bit of hand-eye coordination and patience to solve. The Casket resembles the handheld wooden puzzles that you tilt to move balls around and land in holes or move through the mazes inside. Essentially, it turns your iPhone into one of those puzzles by utilizing the tilt control function. The Casket is based on a simple premise and is easy to pick up and play, but is time consuming to master.

The puzzle aspect of The Casket is comprised of placing colored balls into their coordinating holes on each of the six sides of a virtual box. The number of balls on each level begins with one and ends with six and if you can successfully place all 21 balls in their holes in under four minutes, the box is “opened” and you win. Ultimately, you are competing against yourself (or someone else if you share) for the fastest time.

The balls respond to tilting your device and though they will stay put once properly aligned with their hole, they can be each be bumped out if another ball hits it. Saying you need a steady hand and patience to play The Casket is an understatement.

It might just be me, but there is something about the way the balls interact in The Casket that does not make good physics sense. Something about equal and opposite reactions comes to mind and I expect a light bump of one ball into another to have little impact, but sometimes it knocks a ball clear across the screen as far away from its intended hole as possible. Frustrating? You bet. But I guess it’s part of the challenge — a challenge I did not quite meet, even after several attempts. However, I did share and while others were able to do it on their first try, I never got those last six balls to land in their holes in time.

I can’t say I hated playing The Casket; it proved a formidable challenge that in reality, I couldn't stop trying. However, I truly expected something to happen when the sixth side of the cube was completed before time ran out. I have no idea what, but some sort of bonus or reward or even a new cube would have been nice and it left me kind of disappointed in that regard. Aside from attempting to beat the best time, replay value is somewhat limited in The Casket since the puzzle is the same each time. Still, the challenge of beating the clock is somewhat addictive if you are the sort of person who can’t let a challenge go unmet.

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