The Creeps! is Scarily Addictive Tower Defense Game


the creeps iphoneThe Creeps - Let it be known that I love a good sale. Who doesn’t? My own affection for sales transcends to the iTunes Store as well as anywhere else and right now you can get The Creeps! on sale for just $0.99. For you other sale fanatics, that’s 60% off the regular price of $4.99 and it’s quite the steal. Developed by Super Squawk Software, The Creeps! is a strangely addictive tower defense style game featuring classic closet-lurking monsters that are trying to squeeze under your bed and defeat you.

There are a total of 16 stages to advance through and the premise is quite simple. Coming in waves of 10, 20, 30 and more, the creeps emerge from the closet and make their way along the defined path to the underneath of your bed. Your goal is to set up your defenses strategically along the path to stop them. Your available defenses include ray guns, glue, boomerangs, and life-sucking flashlights amongst others. As you advance through the levels, new and different defenses become available and of course, you can upgrade them with the coins you earn for destroying the creepers, which become increasingly harder to destroy. The appearance of boss creeps poses even greater challenges, which is part of what makes The Creeps! so fun.

There are also several aspects of The Creeps! that make it unique. The inclusion of accelerometer-based towers is a superb accompaniment to the standard tap and play and the ability to play your own music in the background is always appreciated. Weaving in the ability to destroy the surrounding terrain is also a notable feature that lends a puzzle-like element to the game. Destroying trees, rocks, and tombstones not only gives you extra coins and points, but allows for more strategic placement of defenses.

The graphics are well animated with a Scooby-Doo kind of feel and the sound effects are relatively amusing. One glitch I have noticed is that once the battery life drains to 20% the game tends to freeze up. You can easily start your last level over, but if you happened to be close to beating it you may end up a wee bit frustrated — but not so much so that you’ll give up.

In fact, The Creeps! is quite addicting. While it’s true that hardcore TD gamers might find this app a bit childish, it remains a worthwhile app to have and is a great introduction to the genre. After having played it until my battery drained (twice) I’d have to say The Creeps is a bargain. A fun, well-done iPhone game with worthy replay value for under a buck? That is scary.

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  • Fedorov

    Got to agree, great addictive game, can't believe how many times I've been charging my iPhone since installing it!!! :)

  • Josh

    Isn't 4.99 reduced to $.99 actually 80% off? :-)

  • Jennifer Beam

    Yes. It is. Which was my mistake for calculating the game at $1.99 not .99, but gotta say it would be a value at either price because days later, it's still pretty darn fun...

  • dashzed

    yeah I love this game, it's even better than fieldrunners.

  • Jamie

    I love the game I just can not get past level 5??? What is the deal??

  • Dashzed

    LOL! Me too! I do great on the first four, but get pwned on five. Luv the game though, best TD ever!

  • Ann

    Fun game. Finished all levels!

  • Music Critic

    I have to say that I've eaten up 3 work days now playing this damn game. Grr. But it's fun!

  • josh

    yes now free since of free app a day