The Cuddlies is a Bit Hard to Cuddle up to


the cuddlies iphone appThe Cuddlies - Contrary to what many people think, I really do like cute and cuddly things. I have a slight aversion to excessively cute and cuddly things and I do think it’s a challenge for game developers on any platform to incorporate “cute” into a game without limiting its fan base. Right off the bat, one can only assume that with a name like “The Cuddlies,” this app is going to feature some level of cuteness — and it does.

The Cuddlies are a quartet of animated critters. Obviously one is a panda bear, the red one is a bunny, and the yellow thing is a cat (specifically a tiger), but the blue one? He’s a hippo. All the critters seem a bit manic to me, but they are still kind of cute. Nevertheless, I have never in my life wanted so badly to impale a cuddly critter with a pitchfork as when playing this game.

The Cuddlies is basically an animalized and animated version of the memory game Simon. The critter quartet stands around in the woods and elicits designated tones in a series of two, three, and progressively more. You repeat their actions by tapping on them in the right sequence. As you advance through the levels within The Cuddlies, their background surroundings begin to change as the seasons would from Spring to Summer to Fall and Winter. Apparently the challenge in The Cuddlies is to arrive at winter.

There are two things I do not like about The Cuddlies. First is that unlike Simon, you may need to push two, three, or even four critters simultaneously. The only way to really play beyond the first couple of levels is to lay your device down so that both hands are free. This is an aspect that completely obstructs The Cuddlies from being handheld, because trying to hold it and play it is just awkward.

The second thing I don’t like is the sensitivity of The Cuddlies' touch response. Several times my response should have been accurate as I know I had chosen the right set of critters, but either because of differences in pressure or delay of one of three fingers, the fog horn sound that signals “wrong!” would blare anyway. After several times of this, I wanted to just smack the crap out of all four fellows.

My own experience with ergonomics and touch response aside, if you thoroughly enjoy games like Simon and you feel your gaming experience is somehow enhanced by cute and cuddly graphics, then The Cuddlies may very well appeal to you. It is definitely a more colorful and visually engaging style of repeat the pattern games. If perhaps it were made slightly different, say to only touch one or even just two animals in a single response, then I believe it would be more solid. As it is, I prefer iSay.

Watch The Cuddlies on YouTube to decide whether this cute pattern memory game is for you:

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  • Cuddler

    Great Review!
    It really made me laugh.
    Probably different difficulty settings would be great.

  • Cuddler again

    Free lite Version now available on iTunes:

    Version with selectable difficulty (1 - 4 simultaneous touches to select from) coming soon!