The Heist as a Fantastic Set of Puzzles With a Real Prize at the End

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The Heist
Developer: tap tap tap LLC
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The Heist iPhone gameThe Heist is a fantastically entertaining and near perfect strategy game from tap tap tap, the developer team known and loved as the guys behind MacHeist. If you are a fan of strategic puzzle games, this collection will not disappoint.

The Heist send you on a mission to open a bank vault by completing a series of mentally-challenging strategy games in order to disable and ‘steal’ the contents of the vault, which contain a real prize at the end of the game.

There are over 60 different levels to the game and each are set up in four different puzzle categories. The Heist consist of four different games: a block scrambling game, a hieroglyphic Sudoku-like game, a tile swapping puzzle and a robot block puzzle game. For every puzzle you complete during The Heist you store up energy points which will eventually help you open the vault.

The Heist is one of the most popular games in the App Store and was the number one seller when it first debuted earlier this year. The game provides a unique and engaging spin on classic strategy games. When you first start the game you will receive a fake phone call from a spy named Sophia who will explain your mission for The Heist. You will also receive a call from Sophia later in the game updating you on how well you are doing.

The game has four levels of security or difficulty. Every time you build up enough energy to destroy one of the locks on the vault The Heist will take you to a new level of difficulty. Once you crack the vault by completing a majority of the puzzles you will receive your prize, which is a redeemable copy of another game which retails at $9.99, or so I have heard because I haven’t actually cracked the vault yet. The game takes a bit of your time, but can be played is short bursts until you crack all the puzzles.

The Heist is a fun and addictive iOS game. It is engaging and feels like the designers really took their time and tried to make a new and inventive strategy game. I have nothing but praise for this game and cannot wait to play it again. Overall, I would highly recommend The Heist — it is a must-have for iOS strategy game lovers or just for anyone looking for a new and fun game to play.

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