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The Impossible Game
Developer: FlukeDude Ltd
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impossible game iphoneFinally, a game that completely lives up to its name. The Impossible Game is exactly what it sounds like.

Well, OK, while "impossible" may seem like a strong word, "improbable" or "really, really hard" doesn’t have the same ring to it. Besides, for someone with slow reaction time, The Impossible Game is pretty much just that – impossible. Of course, it won’t be as if you actually believe it’s an impossible game. And even if you do, you’ll keep trying to beat it.

The Impossible Game got its start as an Xbox Live Indie game and is now available for iPhone and Touch. To access the original Xbox Live version, simply beat the first level on practice mode. Waaaaaaaay easier said than done. As evidenced by my 141st attempt, the Impossible Game is no easy game to navigate. It’s a simple enough concept – tap to jump once, hold to repeatedly jump — no problem.

As The Impossible Game's little red (orange) block, you merely have to navigate the side scrolling obstacle course, jumping over the innocent pointy obstructions. It’s really all in the timing. The timing of your jumps, memorization of the level patterns, and the insertion of the checkpoint flags are essential to progress. As of yet, I have no idea what happens at the end of the first level, nor how close I am to finding out because it’s seemingly impossible for me to get there.

As evidenced by my 142nd attempt, The Impossible Game is also not easy to give up on. It may cause frustration, high blood pressure and may even incite violence against your iPhone, but you’ll find you can’t put it down. Such a seemingly simple game – no frilly graphics, no obnoxious music, simple controls and interface – and yet so challenging.

Though completely minimalistic, The Impossible Game is a timeless game, great for terminating boredom and is ridiculously addictive – especially for the impossibly stubborn. While I truly hate it, I really love it and its this paradox of feelings towards the game that keeps me coming back for more. Well worth the .99 price for the full version, The Impossible Game isn't really imopssible, but it is wonderfully simplistic and refreshingly challenging.

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