The King of Streets Takes Buy Low and Sell High into Crime Time

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The King of Streets
Developer: Giovanni Esposito
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The King of StreetsLoosely based on Drug Wars, a game written by John E. Dell back in the 80s, The King of Streets brings the basic business concept of buy low, sell high to iOS. And while the concept is easy to understand, the game is anything but simple to master as it will take rigorous training and experience to come out on top in this epic nose candy battle.

The goal of the game is to buy and sell items daily to pay off your debt that you've assumably amassed in some sort of shady business. And while you might be deemed a salesman in the game, you're nothing more than a petty thief, which isn't half bad because the streets are yours and only your quick wit and negotiating skills stand in your way of becoming king.

To begin, you start out as a lowly B and E (breaking and entering for non-thugs) flak who must go around each level with only a certain amount of money to pay off debts. With this money you can buy objects such as guns and watches, which are the only items you can afford to start off with. Of course, in my limited knowledge of crime, I always thought guns were expensive, but maybe I'm wrong. As you buy (hopefully low) and sell (hopefully high), you then can level up and work towards more expensive products such as cars and motorcycles. These are more lucrative in that they have a higher profit margin.

There are mini in-app activities such as "Whac a Police," which is quite hilarious and plays like a "wack-a-mole" style game, but is super difficult. The game is laced with gang-related themes such as "Gangs Colors Match." And if you just want to straight up jack something, you can play "The Bank Vault" where you test your luck on robbery. Of course, we all know why your middle name is B&E so maybe stick to buying and selling. Especially since it's not a sure thing. In  fact, you'll find that most of the time you'll either loose money or go to jail.

The game features eight levels, three min-games and retina display graphics for quite the interesting gameplay. It's like an old school homage to games when you didn't see the action, you only played for experience points and the like. Some of the cool cities you'll visit include San Francisco, Milan and Moscow. Overall, The King of Streets is fun if you like turn-by-turn games that dabble in the shadier side of gaming.

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