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The Mood Setter
Developer: Sobits
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the-mood-setter-iphone-appThe Mood Setter from Sobits is the only iPhone app I know that literally includes the phrase Bow-chicka-wow-wow, which depending on your taste is either hilariously hip or totally gauche. The Mood Setter falls exactly within the confines of what I expect from a 99-cent app — it's simple, humorous, and has just enough "maybe-I'll-use-it some-day" potential to stay in my iTunes Library, even if it doesn't stay on my iPhone.

Here's the scenario. A true "ladies man" is always prepared with proper lighting and background music. So,  to make sure you never "miss the moment" again, The Mood Setter offers your choice of romantic candles or crackling fireplace accompanied by any of 4 sound-tracks. The app is easy to use so I won't go into the how-tos here.

The funny part is the idea that some lonely soul may actually think that this app will "set the mood." Um, unless your honey's into comedy hour, not so much. The cheesy music is great for a few laughs, but even if you decide to turn the music off, just going through the settings is enough to kill the mood and reduce your partner to fits of giggles.

This is not to say that I don't see a use for The Mood Setter. The video quality of the fire and the candles is actually quite fine. With the sound turned completely off, The Mood Setter would make a nice desktop ornament around the holidays or an awesome fiery background for your next action-figure stop-motion video short.

If you're looking for a way to break the ice, The Mood Setter may be just the joke you need. Watch The Mood Setter video demo to decide if it's worth your buck:

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