Can You Crack Open The Safe? Virtual Lockbox Offers Few Clues

The Safe - Can you crack the safe?  Are you up to the challenge? (AppStore Link)
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The Safe - Can you crack the safe? Are you up to the challenge?
Developer: Securicy Ventures
Price: free Download on the App Store

The Safe iPhone gameBored people are dangerous. From apps about flatulence, light sabers, and doing the drunk walk now comes the The Safe, or as it is officially titled The Safe — Can you Crack The Safe?. The Safe is a simple app that keeps you posted in your chair for hours trying to crack open a virtual safe.

The Safe doesn't offer any clues just a good ol’ fashioned turn dial and a ticker. Time is of the essence and if you screw up too many times the police are on you. Seriously, when you run out of time The Safe has a full video screen of you being handcuffed and tossed in the back of squad car complete with authentic siren sounds and a stoic police voice. The Safe will either intrigue you or frustrate you because you can’t get it unlock.

How do you do it? Turn the dial ? Listen to the clicks? Do you try out different patterns? Should you go left or right? Does it work like a traditional lock? These are questions that you puzzle masters will have to figure out for yourself.

If you’ve already played The Safe, then you know there are 10 spots to enter numbers on the dial. There is a lever that you may use to try to open the safe once you think you’ve figured out the combination. But remember if you open incorrectly the sirens will come on and to the clink you go.

The Safe is simple looking with a clean coal black and steel grey interface. The sounds are crisp and clear. For the amount of challenge the app provides it doesn’t feel overpriced. But then again you must be interested in the challenge to get that far. Hopefully, there is an amazing surprise inside the safe once you’ve figured it out. I'm not interested enough to find out.

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  • TheSafe

    Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!
    The Safe

  • matt

    impossibul to beat

  • matt

    its so gay cause you try it and you get busted i want to know how to do it

  • Daveskie

    Not too hard. Did it in about 10 mins.

    Once the safe a whole new world opens up.

    I would tell you how to do it but it would spoil all the fun.

  • sum person

    i did it in three minutes, i just heard a louder click and stopped and there it was. I think it was just luck, ;D dont think its the way to do it C:

  • courtney

    its sooo easy i just beat hard and will soon try impossible

  • jason

    damn it. why doesnt somebody give us idiots a clue as to how the hell you figure this stupid puzzle out!

  • maz

    i did lol

  • scamless

    This app was a headache at first but then it got easy.the last crack was the hardest. But finally got it. If u guys want a tip here it is....listen close and pay attention.there is a system to it u just gotta look for it or listen for it. Good luck

  • an idiot

    that someone needs to spill the damn beans here soon cuz its gettin to b a pain

  • Cheerleader1

    The first code is 1 loud click. The easy is 2 clicks. I hope it helps!

  • Cheerleader1

    For the very 1st code it is one lod click then pull the lever. The easy mode is 2 loud clicks then pull the lever.

  • Eddy

    There is np new world when you open it up, it is just more difficultys like easy medium hard and immpossible

  • matt123

    I hate this game!!!!!! Someone plzzzzzz say the answer so I can just see the the world!!! plzzzzz spill it, if you do i will love you forever, and i went over the whole numbers and I didnt hear nothing >:•

  • Awsomeguy247

    This game is easy I did it in 1 minute i would tell you the answer but you won't get it wright because the code changes every time but will give you a clue. The first time you play it you have to hear a loud click.After you hear a loud click you stop look at your number and pull the lever .On level easy you do the same thing exept you do it 2 times.I hope this helps you.Good luck.

  • Banana man

    Come on it's easy I'm 12 n I did it

  • OnlyAmes

    What about the harder levels? What are the number of clicks to listen for them? I assumes it went 1 click to start with then 2 for the easy level, so my guess was 3 for the next lvl up... I got put in jail lol.... What r the number of clicks for each lvl?

  • Fabio

    Ich weis ja gar nichts ich hab es runtergeladen und ich kan Garnichts machen gibt es den keine Cheats oder so was is ja langweilich

  • Hari

    Please frn is there any way that i can get code, I tried a lot but i cannot find out.