The Top Ten Secrets of the iPhone


So, you have got a new shiny iPhone. Well, here's a list of 10 things you might not know about it:

1. Take a screen shot of your iPhone. Ever want to take a screen shot of what's on your iPhone right now? It's easy -- simply hold down the home button (bottom of screen) and hold down the power button (top) for a second. The screen will flash, and the screen shot will appear in your photo's app. From there, you can easily email it to yourself.

2. Quickly zoom into a picture. Easy. Double click the picture quickly.

3. Quickly get to your contact list. Double click the home button and you will get to your contact list. Usefull for placing calls quickly.

4. Re-arrange your apps. Click and hold down your finger on any app to move the apps around. You can also move between screens, although this takes some getting used to. Click on the home button to stop moving.

5. Delete apps from your iPhone. The standard way to remove an app from your iPhone is to remove it from your "Applications" folder in iTunes and then physically syn your phone. Alternatively you can enter "move mode" and then kill the app by clicking on the little x in the top left corner of the app icon.

6. Check your minutes, bill balance etc.. You can dial certain * codes (example *225#) to get a text message with your minutes, call waiting settings, bill balance etc.. Here is a list of all the codes.

7. Avoid waiting for ages while your iPhone backs up during a sync Click the little x next to the "Backing up iPhone" message in iTunes

8. Accept suggested words to type faster The automatic word recognition software on iPhone shows you what the suggested word is after a few characters. Click the space bar to accept it.

9. Quickly scroll through your entire contact list Most people move through their contact list by flicking at it to get it to move by several letters at a time. While this works, there is a more controllable way: click on the Alphabet List in the right hand side of your contacts and hold down while you drag. You can easily move from A-Z with one gesture.

10. Turn your iPhone into a hard drive. The new DataCase application released this morning allows you to store files on your iPhone just like a portable hard drive. Readdle Docs also does this. We will review both apps today.

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  • Robert Bockenkamp

    The Top Ten Secrets of the iPhone