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Thief Lupin!
Developer: BLUE WIND
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thief lupin game for iphoneIf you're a fan of micro-platforming game apps that are action packed, you'll love Thief Lupin, a Blue Wind game which has been voted the #1 free game in Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Singapore — besides being one of the top 10 in 57 different nations.

First, the thieving backstory... A number of the most accomplished thieves on Earth are given an invite that may land them the title of King of Thieves. But in order to achieve this proud title, they must find a way to sneak into some of the most famous buildings and locations – all of which are carefully guarded by top of the line security. If one of these expert thieves can overcome the obstacles and gain access to places such as the Empire State Building, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Great Pyramids, then he or she shall become the King of Thieves.

Thief Lupin holds many booby traps and brain teasers for those who accept this challenge, and the game has over 300 stages which unfold along your journey. As you get to each new stage, your objective is to collect gems, which open up new areas, new inventory and game characters. Jewels also provide powers which will assist you in future adventures.

After you've got a grasp of the instructions (more on that later), Thief Lupin is actually very simple to play. Because, amazingly, although Thief Lupin is a tricky game, it's conveniently played with just one button. This easy one-button play and amazingly constructed puzzles, will have casual gamers hooked before they know it. Even inexperienced users should have no problem using the touch controls to move through the game smoothly.

Thief Lupin is a fun, challenging game that goes along quickly. The app comes with endless variations, more than 100 stages, different game patterns to choose from and up to four characters playing at the same time. Exciting obstacles, which can each be completed in just a few minutes, can appear and open up new games at any given time. Stay on your toes because there are always new tools to collect, and new challenges to test your abilities.

As you proceed, the games becomes more difficult. Depending on your feelings about such things, Thief Lupin offers the option to make in-app purchases that will help you along, or you can persevere through the challenges. Either way, the graphics as you progress through the various stages are interesting and incredibly well-done, so you'll find yourself enjoying the ride.

If there are faults with Thief Lupin, it's with communication. There are some issues with the English translation which result in lacking, or very little, instruction. Most users will find that trial and error is about the only way to learn. After you get the gist of it, you'll do much better, but it's not the type of game you can pick up for the first time and breeze right through it without first reading the instructions.

Aside from the translation issues and inferior instructions, Thief Lupin is a wonderful game with enough variety and excitement to keep you happy. There are updates in the near future for this game, including the addition of even more buildings and game characters to keep you hooked.

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