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Ticker Quiz
Developer: EOZ GAMES LLC
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Ticker Quiz for iOS"Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel." For those of you who do not know where this quote comes from, these are the words of Bud Fox in the feature film "Wall Street." The character, played by Charlie Sheen, is someone who lives, breathes and eats all things stock market. And sure, everyone he's around gets put in the slammer for insider trading, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same thing to get ahead. Take for instance, Ticker Quiz. It's a simple game that gamifies ticker symbols and company names for the budding stock market junkie.

If  who want to learn something about trading, Ticker Quiz is a good place to start. The reason, and I'm not a professional trader, is that you want everything to be second nature to you when in the thick of it. Plus, it makes you feel smarter when you're reading the business section in the Sunday paper since it's laced with symbols and numbers that without a bit of knowledge look like something out of the "Matrix." 

The best part of the game is that you don't have to be a stock market investor, broker or day trader to play. You can be anybody of the street that just wants to learn or at least familiarize yourself with what the 1 percent of America already knows. The game itself is setup to be able to play single player or has the ability to challenge a friend. And within each mode you can choose from NYSE U.S. or International as well as NASDAQ or assorted tickers. It's the perfect blend of fun and finance.

The game menu is easy to navigate and displays the solo or head-to-head modes right up front so accessing gameplay is quick and painless. And if you want a tutorial, which is always good when trying new games, the how to play tab is on the first screen as well. Each game mode starts with a timed round ranging from 1 to 5 minutes as well as an unlimited mode. The time indicator is located at the top and goes from left to right as the timer runs out.

Directly below the timer is the ticker or company name. If you are playing in company name then four multiple choice answers are located below in big blue buttons. Simply press the correct ticker. The same goes for ticker mode, but you just tap the company name.

Ticker Quiz is a very unique and niche game that is going to appeal to the finance and stock market enthusiasts that want to test their chops in the biggest game of them all. Of course, it would be a very nice study aid in finance class.

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