Surf's Up: tides for iPhone gives you real-time tide info, but its buggy

Tides (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Harold Mueller
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The new tides app from mobile geographics has the potential to be a very useful app, if, like me, you live close to the ocean.

Using the GPS to get your location, the application sometimes pulls up the tide chart for the tide station nearest you. I say "sometimes", because in testing, it did so about one out of five times. The other times, the program either just hung, or went to the default which is meadow point washington.

Bottom line: this is a great idea for an application but it is too unstable to recommend it.

Image Gallery: Tides

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  • Evan

    Useful app but choppy graphics and limited spots that have data. Please post another if you find it.

  • Fred Krueger

    Agreed that app is choppy. I couldnt get the second page beyond the washington default

  • guy

    it struggled with my location (florida). it insisted for the longest time that I lived in the east river next to roosevelt island? go figure. its a joke.

  • Didier

    there is AyeTides that just came out, didn't test yet, its expensive.