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Tie Knots
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How to Tie a TieTie Knots, from egerev lab, is the right tool for the difficult economic climate we all find ourselves in. Finding a job — any job — is getting to be as challenging as leading a herd of elephants across the Alps in the middle of winter.

As a signs of the times, "How to tie a tie" was the top search phrase in the how-to category on AOL Search in 2008, according to AOL’s annual lists of top Web, mobile and video searches across more than 40 categories.

There's not much to the Tie Knots app, but if you need a job, there could be a lot in it for you. This app contains step-by-step illustrations of how to tie 17 different knots. 

If you're not among the most sartorially savvy, you'll probably think one tie knot is as good as another. But when you're seated across the desk of a hiring manager, two things stand out. The first is your mug, which you can't do much about, and the second is your tie knot, which can be nearly as expressive as the words tumbling from your nervous lips.

A nicely tied knot says a lot about who you are and who you want to be. Your average Joe, now, he's going to go with a Half Windsor, because that's the easiest one to tie. The Half Windsor says something like, "I bought this tie just for this interview, and my college roommate tied it for me."

But you take your Grand Chester knot, for example. That one says you're a man of substance — one who can be relied on to keep a level head on stormy seas.

Now, if you're a man who prizes creativity over rigidity, then you're going to want to go with either the New or Pratt knot. Both are neat, yet give you a touch of flair.

If you're interviewing to to be Donald Trump's next apprentice, go with your classic Four in Hand. On the other hand, if you happen to be interviewing Trump, you can't go wrong with the Onassis, which will make you look like a billion bucks.

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