TigerBeat3D is a Sidekick to This Month's Issue


tigerbeat3d iphone appTigerBeat3D is a sidekick app that goes along with this month’s issue of Tiger Beat Magazine, which, for all you post-adolescent readers, is like a cross between People Magazine and Star Magazine for kids. Aimed primarily at tween and young teen girls, Tiger Beat Magazine features celebrity photos, gossip and news. The April 2009 issue of Tiger Beat Magazine has tucked in a pair of 3D glasses and some special 3D posters and is where the Tiger Beat 3D app comes in as an ancillary for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Downloading TigerBeat3D gives kids a selection of 11 celebrity “posters” on their iPhone/Touch to view in eye-popping 3D with their complimentary 3D glasses from April’s Tiger Beat Magazine. I suppose any 3D glasses would work, but the idea is to get kids to buy the print mag.

In addition to the celebrity “posters,” you can “edit” the pictures by slapping in a sticker or two, filling in speech or thought bubbles, and then send the photos to friends. Tapping the star icon at the bottom of TigerBeat3D gives readers a (very) little blurb about the stars and supplies a teaser to articles featured in the magazine.

Celebrities in TigerBeat3D include Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers Band, Demi Lavato, Nathan Cress, Brenda Song, and a few others. You can view and edit the pages without the 3D glasses, but the 3D images are somewhat cooler to look at in 3D. In a sense, the TigerBeat3D app is little more than a way to promote the magazine, though it does allow you to edit as well as email the photos, along with messages, to other people.  I’d have to say they succeeded in their mission to sell more magazines, because to get the full “experience,” kids are gonna want the glasses.

After looking at the April cover of Tiger Beat Magazine, I have little doubt that it will have difficulty selling with or without TigerBeat3D. After all, the sure fire way to get a young girl to pick up any magazine right now is to put a picture of Robert Pattinson of Twilight on the cover and they’ll gladly shell out their last dollar.

Of course, giving kids the extra 3D images in a semi-social app gives them something extra to do with their glasses. TigerBeat3D is free, but if they were looking for a bajillion downloads, why didn’t they include ol’ Rob in 3D? OMG! — Imagine the shrieking hysterics that would cause...

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  • http://www.nur-syafiqah.com nursyafiqah

    i like nick jonas because he's cute and i love his cruly hair

  • http://www.nur-syafiqah.com nursyafiqah

    i love all of his songs and i love the song a little bit longer and i love that song