Tiggits Ticket Finder is Free but It Comes at a Price

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tiggits iphoneIf you're a regular concert, theater, sports or other big-event goer, you'll like Tiggets, at least at first glance. This app, from FurrySoft, gives you access to millions of tickets in venues in the U.S. and in many other countries.

Decide what category event — concerts, sports, theater or other — you would like to see and tap the button at the top of the screen. In the "other" category are lectures, festivals, live TV shows and other miscellaneous events.

Tapping the concerts button, for example, brings up a list of alternative, comedy, rap, pop/rock and other genres.

Let's say you want to head bang at a Metallica concert. Choose the band from the list and Tiggits will bring up venues where Metallica will perform over the next several months. Next, choose where you would like to see Metallica and you'll arrive at a screen with a list of available tickets by section, row and price. There's also a button to bring up a map of the venue so you can see where your seats will be. Finally, choose your tickets and check out. Your contact and credit card info are SSL encrypted.

Along the bottom of the screen is the usual menu — this one with icons for featured events, top 25 events, search and info. You would think the featured events button would take you to a list of high-interest events but what it really does is take you back to Tiggits's home screen.

Tiggits works well although it's sometimes not as responsive as other apps we've looked at. It's easy to navigate and it gives you similar functions as you would find on many ticket provider's Web sites. Tiggits is powered by the TicketNetwork, a large ticket brokerage firm.

So what's the problem? The ticket prices, service fees and delivery fees are consistently higher than what you can get elsewhere online or over the phone. I compared the price of tickets for several performances in this app with those on four Web sites, including TicketNetwork's. I found ticket prices were regularly $15 to $20 (and sometimes more) using Tiggets.

Those Metallic tickets for the Dec. 12 show at the Citizens Business Bank Area (Section 210, Row C) in Ontario, CA would cost you $418 for two, plus $62.70 in service fees and $15 for standard delivery or $495.70. The same seats on TicketNetwork would cost you $478.32 including service fees and standard delivery or $17 less.

Of course, calling the venue directly will save you even more — usually about 17 percent of the ticket price in service fees and $15 minimum for delivery.

This free app is good for finding out what's happening, where and when but it costs you a lot to use it. I think that outweighs any benefits Tiggets provides.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Concert Goer

    I tried this app. It looks like from the application description, they are offering a 5% discount coupon for their launch. During my research to see if the prices were high, low, or otherwise, I found that using the coupon code offers prices that are lower than some of the online venues that I looked at.

    I hope they keep that discount code active for a while cuz I've got places to go, and shows to see. :)