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Time Crisis Strike
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

time crisis strike iphoneI'm not known to be even tempered, which explains why I own only a few guns. Maybe that's why I find games such as Namco's Time Crisis Strike therapeutic.

Time Crisis Strike has been around for more than 10 years and it's a classic, 3D "duck and shooter," which sprang to life in the arcades and has been ported to a good number of home consoles and handhelds.

Time Crisis Strike is molded in the same pattern as the original although modded for the iPhone and iPod touch. The basic principle is to slaughter as many enemies as you can, in the least amount of time, while sustaining as few hits as possible.

Because you're battling against the clock as well as the opposing side, you'll have to take quite a few shots. Fail to clear the battlefield before time runs out or take one bullet too many and it's game over. If you want, you can resurrect yourself and continue from the point where you dropped dead.

On the iPhone and iPod touch, tap your enemy target to fire your semi-automatic pistol; tilt your handheld away from you to crouch and reload; and toward you to get back into action.

Time Crisis Strike has three modes: Arcade, One Stage Trial and Crisis Mission. In Arcade mode, you battle your way through successive levels until you get to the boss, the infamous "Wild Dog." If you make it that far, you'll be able to unlock "Crisis Missions" of increased difficulty.

Go on a rampage and enjoy yourself, what could be more satisfying?

Although the game plays well enough, the missions are short and there's not much of a story line. The latter is not an issue for me because I like to run around and shoot things like a serial killer. The graphics, soundtrack and SFX are pretty good, comparatively speaking. I prefer the look and feel of ExZeus, from HyperDevbox Japan, the last rail shooter I looked at.

At $5.99, I expected more from Time Crisis Strike, especially from Namco, which has a good track record as a game developer.

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