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Time Optimizer Pro
Developer: BogushTech, LLC
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Time Optimizer ProLet’s take a look at Time Optimizer. Sounds great, right? After all, who doesn’t want to optimize their time and increase productivity while making more “me” time!

If Time management is the key to success, Time Optimizer Pro is that kinda geeky, super useful keyring that holds everything and keeps you organized. It's an iPad app that helps you get things done – in a timely fashion. By tracking long-term goals, daily tasks and keeping an eye on actual time spent, Time Optimizer Pro is a pretty sophisticated and sleek time management/daily planner app.

Time Optimizer Pro has several key features that vary its use for business, family and personal time. It allows for entry of goals, a planner with different views, and tasks. All entries can be assigned to one of six key areas, which are customizable to suit the user.

The planner also calculates and displays the chunk of time a task takes out of a 12 or 24 hour period. Essentially, whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term objectives or simply a task-oriented day, Time Optimizer Pro keeps your information organized and presents it in a visually appealing and helpful way. 

Users can tell Time Optimizer Pro whether a task is assigned to any key area, make notes about a task, select a begin and end time, designate tasks as repeat, set reminders and even designate whether the task is part of a larger goal and whether or not to make it visible on the planner. It has so many different options that functionality of the app is about as customizable as they come. And to make matters better – it performs smoothly to boot.

Time Optimizer Pro helps users identify tasks that are relevant to the bigger picture, keep track of their available and committed time slots and as the name indicates, optimize their time to get as much done as possible. By providing different views of different objectives and goal tracking, Time Optimizer Pro is simply an optimal time management app.

The one thing it is lacking is iPhone integration (especially important because there’s no way to sync it with Google Calendars or Outlook), this needed feature is in the works via a companion app called Task Optimizer.

Time Optimizer Pro is a bit pricy compared to similar, but smaller scale apps but to be fair it functions and performs on a higher scale. If the $8 price tag seems a bit much to find out if Time Optimizer Pro would work for you, then try the free version of Time Optimizer first (ad-supported). Your data can be synced between the two using iCloud, so if you decide to upgrade your date will move with you.

The biggest advantage to Time Optimizer Pro is its premise of taking a goal and breaking it down into bite-sized tasks to manage the process. The ability to micro-manage tasks, track goals, and really see where your time is spent can be all be invaluable tools — especially if you're the kind of person who always find herself asking where did the time go?

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