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Timewerks: Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice (AppStore Link)
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Timewerks: Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice
Developer: Sorth LLC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

timewerks mobile billing iphone appWell-crafted billing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are as hard to find as a sinner on Sunday, but Sorth's Timewerks: Mobile Billing is the best one I've come across.

The problem I have with most of these apps is that they are often tedious to use or lack essential features.

TimeWerks: Mobile Billing manages to cover all the bases, at least for solo workers such as freelance writers, lawyers, consultants, sales reps and other people who handle relatively small numbers of clients and projects at a time.

You can use Timewerks: Mobile Billing to track a multiple of clients and projects. One nice feature: If you already have a client's info in Contacts, the app will automatically suck up that info so you don't have to re-enter it.

As with any app of this genre, you can time your work, even when Mobile Billing is closed. You can also add notes to each project task, which can be handy for some projects. If a client missed a deadline and caused the job to fall behind schedule, for example, you might want to enter that into your notes.

As you would expect, you can create a variety of invoices, which include different rates for different tasks, factor in taxes and use different currencies to figure out the bottom line. Once the job is done, you can email the client an HTML-formatted invoice.

I also like that I'm able to export data to tab-delimited files over Wi-Fi using a Web browser. I might then want to import that data into Excel or another spreadsheet and create a more polished invoice.

Timewerks: Mobile Billing can be set up to integrate with Credit Card Terminal,  if you wish to accept credit card payments. That's a separate app and it will cost you $49.99 to pick it up from the App Store.

Using Timewerks: Mobile Billing is intuitive for most tasks. There's a comprehensive help file, when you need it.

The main tasks are aligned on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. If I have a small complaint, it's that the first item on the menu bar is for projects. I think that it's a bit confusing, given that the first thing you really need to do is set up a client list.

While it's useful to see what projects you're working on at a glance, I'd rather see whom I'm doing work for first. Putting that icon first on the menu seems more intuitive to me. It's a small thing, and I might be one of the few people whose mind works that way.

Timewerks: Mobile Billing is $4.99, and I think that's quite reasonable for the depth of functionality it provides.

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