Tiny Pictures Updates Radar App for Flickr Users


radar iphone update flickrTiny Pictures has just released an update of Radar|radar.net, an app that connects users to their Radar accounts so they can upload and share photos on any mobile phone or computer and through social nets such as Facebook and Twitter.

This latest version now gives users access to their friends on Flickr with the ability to view and comment on Flickr photos in real time. Flickr members, not already on Radar, can also use the app as a standalone mobile browsing and commenting application for Flickr. Like the previous version, this app is free.

Flickr members who install the Radar app for iPhone have access to several special features including configuring their Flickr and Radar integration and uploading photos to Flickr directly from within the Radar app. They also can connect and manage their Flickr accounts from the iPhone app by clicking the More button on the bottom navigation bar.

"We have a long-standing affinity with the Flickr team and the massive photo community they've built, and we're very excited to be able to offer the Radar mobile experience to Flickr users as well," says John Poisson founder and CEO of Tiny Pictures.

Existing Radar users simply connect their Radar and Flickr accounts and choose which Flickr contacts they want to follow. Flickr photos and comments appear in-line with Radar content on mobile and desktop, and comments left on Flickr photos immediately appear on the Flickr site. They can also configure text alerts, set privacy viewing and follow links in comments without leaving the app.

"We talk a lot about visual conversation at Tiny — the burgeoning trend of sharing in-the-moment, and knowing your friends are browsing that content and engaging with you at the same time," Poisson explains. "That's precisely what we designed Radar to enable, and making this same experience available to Flickr photos was a natural next step."

Radar with Flickr integration is available on all Web-enabled phones on all networks through the Radar mobile site, and through mobile apps for Java, Windows Mobile, Blackberry as well as the iPhone.

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