Tiny Violin: Use Your iPhone for Sympathetic Strumming

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Tiny Violin
Developer: Brian Gorby
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Tiny Violin iphone appPlaying the world’s smallest violin using your thumb and forefinger is so old school now that the Tiny Violin iPhone app by Brian Gorby is available. Tiny Violin actually adds the sound to your snarky attempts of condolence or joy towards someone.

Tiny Violin has three choices in musical styles to choose from.

Despair provides a sappy melody played in sort of classical music style.

While, Brian Gorby describes the Joy setting as a light jig, I thought it had more of a Deliverance feel to it. Now I can’t get that picture of Ned Beatty squealing like a pig out of my head. Thanks Brian!

Using the Let’s Rock! setting transports you to a sound somewhere between Jean Luc Ponty and Slash. The three styles each have five different sounds giving you a total of 15 different sounds to hear.

The only other option on Tiny Violin is the shake to play option. Turn it on to allow yourself to play your violin by shaking your iPhone in addition to sliding the bow with your finger. It seems that regardless of which option you choose Tiny Violin plays at the same speed. It also seems to play on a loop. Continuing to shake it or strum it does not create continued play. It will stop for a moment and then begin playing another loop.

You’re all set. Now you can go out and conquer the world and provide the much-needed sarcastically sincere relief to all those somewhat uncomfortable situations that pop up daily. So, next time you’re sitting down for a few relaxing moments with your cup of coffee before work, and your co-worker plops down next to you and begins prattling on about the promotion they didn’t get, take out your Tiny Violin and play them a tune.

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